TFT Radiant Items Tier List: Best Teamfight Tactics Radiant Items Ranked

Ranking all Radiant Items in Teamfight Tactics!

by Christian Bognar
Ranking Radiant Items in TFT
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Teamfight Tactics (TFT) is a spinoff of the popular game League of Legends, and it focuses on units through an auto-battling system. The focus is to be the last standing, using the game’s top units and best items. With so many Radiant items available in the game, deciding which is best to equip for your units can be challenging. This guide will look at all the Radiant items in TFT and put them into a ranked tier list.

Teamfight Tactics Radiant Items Tier List

Below is a grid of all the available Radiant items in Teamfight Tactics — ranking them from S, the best, to C, the worst. Read further for a brief description of some standout items in the League of Legends spinoff that are potentially worth getting your hands on.

TierRadiant Items
SNoxus Emblem, Baron Nashor’s Head, Repair-o-matic, Mechano-Swarm, Zeke’s Herald, Shrink Module, Guinsoo’s Rageblade, More More-ellonmicon, Spear of Hirana, Hand of Justice, Willbreaker, Zephyr, Eternam Whisper, Hextech Lifeblade, Zeke’s Harmony, Protectors Vow, Dragon’s Will, Covalent Spark, Quickestsilver, Snipers Focus, Giant Slayer, Iconic Spark, Absolution, Urf-Angel’s Staff, Blessed Bloodthirster, Jeweled Guantlet, Last Whisper, zz’Rot Portal, Locket of the Iron Solari, Goldinator.
AShroud of Stillness, Thief’s Gloves, Sunfire Cape, Bloodthirster, Rosethorn Vest, Juggernaut Emblem, Titan’s Resolve, Rabadon’s Ascended Deathcap, Brink of Dawn, Gargoyle Stoneplate, Demonslayer, Warmog’s Armor, Guinsoo’s Reckoning, Eternal Winter, Chalice of Power, Redemption, Sunlight Cape, Hextech Gunblade, Infinity Edge, Freljord Emblem, Edge of Night, Blue Blessing, Goldmancer’s Staff, Determined Investor.
BGunner Emblem, Morellonomicon, Guardbreaker, Dvarapala Stoneplate, Locket of Targon Prime, Rascal’s Gloves, Titan’s Vow, Spear of Shojin, Statikk Shiv, Statikk’s Favor, Mistral, Bramble Vest, Glamorous Gauntlet, Blacksmith’s Gloves, Runaan’s Hurrican, Chalice of Charity, Piltover Emblem, Zz’Rots Invitation, Rapid Lightcannon, Obsidian Cleaver, Sorcerer Emblem, Void Emblem, Death’s Defiance, Rapid Firecannon, Infinity Force, Deathfire Grasp, Invoker Emblem, Diamond Hands, Deadeye Emblem.
CBruiser Emblem, Rogue Emblem, Zaun Emblem, Strategist Emblem, Warmog’s Pride, Slayer Emblem, Rabadon’s Deathcap, Dragon’s Claw, Bulwark’s Oath, Targon Emblem, Bastion Emblem, Shadow Isles Emblem, Quicksilver, Blue Buff, Luminous Deathblade, Tactician’s Crown, Trickster’s Glass, Archangel’s Staff, Deathblade, Demacia Emblem, Power, Charges, Challenger Emblem, Fist of Fairness, Ionia Emblem, Shroud of Reverence, Zenith Edge, Shurima Emblem, Gold Collector, Runaan’s Tempest, Randuin’s Omen, Manazane, Hullcrusher, Zhonya’s Paradox, Mogul’s Mail, Anima Visage, Crown of Demacia, Gambler’s Blade, Needlessly Big Gem, Draven’s Axe.

Radiant Items in S-Tier

S Tier items are the best in the game that offer long-lasting effects, turn the tide of combat, and focus on keeping the player’s units alive longer. While all the items mentioned in the grid above for this rank are worth it, three standout items are considered the best. Let’s go over them down below.

Take the Zeke’s Herald, for example, which at the start of combat, grants a 30% boost to attack speed for the rest of combat for the wearer and all the allies within one hex range. This is particularly very strong if you already have strong units in proximity.

Next, you have Repair-o-matic, which saves the Apex Turret from dying altogether, and instead, it will repair itself. Keeping the Apex Turret in combat for as long as possible is crucial in increasing the amount of damage output you do — making the Repair-o-matic an essential item in your inventory.

Lastly, one of the best items in the game goes to the Nexus Emblem. The Nexus Emblem grants the wearer the Nexus Trait — increasing health, ability power, and attack damage. This trait is pushed even further if the player has more units on the field, where more units on the field mean the stats are raised even higher.

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Radiant Items in A-Tier

A-Tier items are exceptional and are often interchanged by the community between the S-rank and the A-rank tiers. You can choose any of the options mentioned in this tier level, but some are worth discussing and going into further detail. Check them out below.

First, the Shroud of Stillness deserves a notable mention in the A-rank because it can make a considerable difference at the beginning of the combat. Right from the start, the player will shoot a beam straight ahead — delaying the spell cast of all enemies hit by the beam.

Next, we have the Infinity Edge item, considered one of the most significant ways to increase critical strike damage. The item’s effect allows all excess critical strike chance to be converted into bonus critical strike damage, potentially making a unit deadly.

One of the best items for spellcasters is the Blue Blessing. Ever hate when you get super low on Mana? Well, this item will fix that issue by automatically restoring the wearer’s Mana to 30 after each spell cast, allowing the player to never run out of Mana.

Radiant Items in B-Tier

B-Tier items offer great effects and passives but won’t go the furthest in the more challenging and demanding battles. Either due to short-lasting or not a high enough increase in stats — they should be replaced when a higher-level item becomes available. Still, these items mentioned can help you progress in the game.

Perfect for Gunner Champions, the Gunner Emblem will grant them the perfect trait for their class — the Gunner Trait. The Gunner Trait will grant these champions a bonus Attack Damage, up to 8 stacks.

Next, we have an item focused on teamwork and defense — The locket of Targon Prime. At the start of combat, the wearer and all allies within three hexes in the same row gain a large health shield for 60 seconds. This is an excellent way for a good chunk of the player’s units to get a headstart at the beginning of the battle.

Lastly, the Titans Vow is one of the best items in the B-tier. The Titans Vow will grant the wearer some additional perks — such as four bonus attack damage and four ability power for the rest of combat, stacking up to 25 times for a maximum of 100. Once the player passes the 100, the wearer gains 50 bonus armor and magic resistance.

Radiant Items in C-Tier

C-Tier items are classic items that look like they would be extremely helpful but don’t make a huge difference. Not that you will die instantly while having these equipped, but it doesn’t make much sense to have them at your focus of combat. While these should be skipped, some items listed should be chosen by players in the worst-case scenario.

One of the standout items, which some argue is at least B Tier (but falls under C, in my opinion), is the Warmog’s Pride item. The Warmog’s Pride item will grant a 1% increase in maximum health per second — which, at first glance, seems impressive. It helps, but considering how high health pools can be and how low 1% is — it doesn’t do much. That said, it can help stay alive a little bit longer without a doubt.

Next, the Dragon’s Claw is a notable mention in the C-ter — due to its potential to provide high defense for a target targeted by many enemies. The Dragon’s Claw will regenerate 1.2% of health for the wearer for each enemy targeting that unit. This can be extremely helpful when a unit is highly targeted, but it doesn’t do much outside of that.

Quicksilver is the epitome of what a C-tier item looks like — looks great but has a downfall. The Quicksilver item will grant the wearer immunity to all attack damage debuffs and crowd control effects for the first 15 seconds of combat. The fact that it only lasts for 15 seconds makes it low on this list, although those 15 seconds can potentially make a huge difference and provide the player with a headstart in combat.

- This article was updated on July 10th, 2023

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