Urf Tier List | Best Champions for Urf in League of Legends(December 2022)

Use the best URF champions!

by Ramses Miaco

Ultra Rapid Fire (URF) is arguably the most fun game mode in the history of League of Legends. In fact, the public has requested that it is added as a permanent game mode. However, it only comes frequently in League. Here are the best champions for URF in League of Legends, to make the best out of Ultra Rapid Fire.

Best Champions for Urf in League of Legends, Ranked From Worst To Best

5. Hecarim


One of the main sources of funny Ultra Rapid Fire clips, Hecarim lives up to his theme as a monster centaur. His speed and damage will be shocking to all enemies. In fact, Hecarim might even be called an assassin in URF because he can just go in, kill someone, then run away.

Also, items are a huge help for Hecarim, and URF just made the cooldowns a lot shorter, so everyone that goes against Hecarim will definitely face the wrath of the shadow of war.

4. Morgana


This champion has been notorious for her long crowd control, which is irritating for the most part. And unfortunately, URF will make it even worse. Here is a tip, when you get caught by Morgana’s Dark Binding, it is time to say goodnight because it lasts so long, and she is able to recast it again, chaining you in crowd control until you die.

Not to mention, Morgana also has another irritating ability called Black Shield, which makes any champion immune to crowd control—and she can cast it infinitely in URF too.

3. Lucian


With a ridiculous strength in the early game, Lucian is even better when played in URF. He can spam his skills and shoot double bullets at a blazing speed. Not to mention, Lucian can also dash at a ridiculous rate, confusing enemies and dodging their skill shots.

Moreover, Lucian is not a hard champion to play by any means, so picking him up in URF is a great way to win games.

2. Zed


Equipped with great poke and strong all-in potential, Zed will demolish everyone in URF. He has always been an excellent champion for outplay clips, and with fast cooldowns, Zed can now spam his skills and make it a nightmare for everyone.

Zed can also escape and close the gap with his shadow, catching anyone in the lobby off guard. If you are looking for fun and a strong champion, then Zed is the best URF champion, for that matter.

1. Yuumi


There has always been an age-old saying of “Yuumi OP,” which has been notorious in the League of Legends community. But have you ever thought of what will happen if Yuumi is played in URF?

On top of that, she is straightforward to play. Yuumi can hop on an ally, heal them and increase their attack and movement speed repeatedly, all in under a second. If you thought Morgana was irritating enough to play against, wait until you have met this sly cat in Ultra Rapid Fire.

That ends the list of the five best URF champions in League of Legends. If you are looking to increase your win rate in the fun game mode, then play the champions above! However, there are more champions available in the game that you can try, so do not limit your champion pool and add variety to your game.

League of Legends is available on Windows and Mac.

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