The Best Point Guards in NBA 2K23 MyTeam

As all experienced MyTEAM players know, although most if not all of the best Point Guard cards in NBA 2K23 are rated 99, their base stats are not the only things you should account for when building your endgame lineup, as other factors like their tendencies and physical attributes are just as important. Now, so that you can make the right moves when assembling your squad, here are the best Point Guards in NBA 2K23 MyTeam.

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The Best Point Guards in NBA 2k23 MyTeam (July 2023)

In our opinion, the best Point Guards in NBA 2K23 right now are:

  • Luka Doncic (Season 8 End Game)
  • Nikola Jokic (Season 6 Hero)
  • Magic Johnson (Season 7 Invincible)
  • LaMelo Ball (Season 7 Invincible)
  • Ben Simmons (Season 6 Invincible)
  • Michael Jordan (Season 7 Invincible)
  • Stephen Curry (Season 8 End Game)

    You can check out a quick overview of what makes each of these cards so great below.

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    Luka Doncic (Season 8 End Game)

    Image: 2K, assembled by Attack of the Fanboy

    Let’s start with the game’s new End Game Luka Doncic, which is in our opinion the current best in the position. Like all End Game cards, this variant of the Mavericks superstar comes with all of his base stats maxed out as well as with an ample selection of fully improved top-tier badges.

    But that’s not all, as his ability to excel while being proactive in defense  —given his 100 rated Tendencies in On Ball Steal, Contest/Block Shot, and Pass Interception — as well as his ability to excel as a shooter makes the card a truly unique blend of power and lethal ability. On the downside, fans of his Invincible variant will not be happy to know that its Rudy Gay release has been replaced by Saddiq Bey’s, which although great, can take a while to get used to.

    The Luka Doncic Season 8 End Game card can be found in limited packs, as well as in auctions starting at a 100,000 MT bid (in most cases).

    Nikola Jokic (Season 6 Hero)

    Image: 2K, assembled by Attack of the Fanboy

    The second-best Point Guard in the game right now is — in our opinion — the Season 6 Hero card of this year’s Finals MVP, Nikola Jokic.

    Although not as aggressive defensively as End Game Doncic, Jokic has his 6’11 height and 7’3″ wingspan as his decisive factors, as they allow him to, when paired with his positioning excellence and top-tier traits and stats, be truly game-breaking in most matchups.

    The Nikola Jokic Season 6 Hero card can be found in auctions starting with a value of around 250,000+ MT.

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    Michael Jordan (Season 7 Invincible)

    Image: 2K, assembled by Attack of the Fanboy

    It would not be a best-of shortlist if we did not include the best player who ever touched a basketball, Michael Jeffrey Jordan. But Jordan is not here through name alone, as his Invincible card features max-out stats and Tendencies, both of which allow him to be both a defensive powerhouse as well as arguably the best dunker/finisher among the players featured here.

    As usual for Jordan cards, this variant will also allow you to drive your opponents out of their minds by performing unstoppable shots while both inside the paint and on mid-range.

    You can currently get this card by bidding into auctions with a starting bid from 70.000 to 100.000 MT.

    Magic Johnson (Season 7 Invincible)

    Image: 2K, assembled by Attack of the Fanboy

    Overall, although Season 7 Invincible Magic Johnson may not be an offensive powerhouse by himself, his ability to, and forgive my boldness here, magically distribute the game while also being extremely solid on defense makes him a player sure to fit any lineup. Honestly, very few cards in the game are able to surpass the Lakers legend when the subject is being a catalyst on the court.

    You can currently find the card in auctions starting with around 100.000 MT, as well as in select packs.

    Ben Simmons (Season 6 Heroes)

    Image: 2K, assembled by Attack of the Fanboy

    Say whatever you want about Ben Simmons, but this card is without a doubt a complete beast on both ends of the court, no matter your opponent.

    To put it simply, Ben Simmons’ Season 6 Hero card can be considered the ideal version of the player, given the way it can truly dominate most of the game’s top-rated players while in the paint and excel in playmaking through well-placed passes.

    In the auction house, the card can be acquired by taking part in actions starting with around 100,000 to 150.000 MT.

    LaMelo Ball (Season 7 Invincibles)

    Image: 2K, assembled by Attack of the Fanboy

    Season 7 Invincible LaMelo Ball excels given the way he has arguably the best shooting form in the game for those looking to do perfect releases easily, as well as high overall offensive and defensive stats/tendencies. To put it simply. LaMelo is a card sure to work in all lineups through his ability to aggressively keep tabs on opponents, perform perfect passes, and rush past defenders while squeezing his way to the basket.

    The LaMelo Ball Season 7 Invincible card can be found in actions starting with bids of around 80,000 to 100,000 MT.

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    Stephen Curry (Season 8 End Game)

    Image: 2K, assembled by Attack of the Fanboy

    Okay, we know this may be an arguable pick for many, regarding the way the game right now seems to be dominated by players of higher stature. But trust us, End Game Stephen Curry makes up for it thanks to the way he can shake the game up.

    As an End Game variant, the card boosts maxed-out stats and allows you to bring the most out of your lineup by flawlessly distributing the game. In true Curry fashion, you will also be able to cause mayhem by scoring insane 3-pointers, dribbling effectively, and attacking the basket with speed and finesse.

    On the downside, the absence of Curry’s full shooting motion may be a deal breaker for many (believe me, I get that), as this card doesn’t feel as smooth as you would expect when shooting 3-pointers. You can currently get the End Game Stephen Curry card for free as a Season 8 Reward.

    This guide was made while playing the eighth season of NBA 2K23 on PlayStation 5.

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