How to Get VC Fast in NBA 2K23

Here's how you can get VC fast in NBA 2K23.

by Christian Bognar
Get VC Quick in NBA 2K23
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VC, otherwise known as Virtual Currency, can upgrade your player’s attributes in NBA 2K23 MyCareer mode. Besides improving a MyPlayer, players can also use VC for cosmetics and clothing, animations, and even card packs in MyTeam. So considering this is an important currency in the game, it is essential to learn how to get VC quickly. This guide will cover how to get VC fast in NBA 2K23.

Ways to Get VC Quickly in NBA 2K23

There are numerous ways to get VC in NBA 2K23, but some are much faster. Use the methods below and watch your VC bank account skyrocket.

Get VC Fast Method #1 – Play Online

Play Now Online is one of the best ways to earn VC quickly, as it guarantees you will come away from the game with something in your pocket. Playing an online game will grant you 400 VC; if you win, you get an additional 150 VC. Continue playing matches, and win or lose — you’re coming away with something. To prepare for these matches and maximize the amount of VC you receive, I recommend going into practice mode and improving your dunking skills and three-pointers.

Get VC Fast Method #2 – Watch NBA 2KTV

During the MyCareer loading screens, players can participate in polls and trivia during NBA 2KTV. They aren’t extremely long and could have you walking away with a boatload of VC. For example, a 15-minute episode could reward you with 2000 VC. Pretty nice reward for just answering some questions and watching a short video!

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Get VC Fast Method #3 – Grind MyCareer

Playing MyCareer with your MyPlayer is the best way to earn VC at a fast rate. MyCareer games guarantee a salary for your player, and you will earn higher paychecks for just performing well as a player. For example, scoring points, assists, getting rebounds, and being a good playmaker will all reward you with VC for spending purposes. So, in other words, just playing MyCareer, as usual, will reward you with VC.

Get VC Fast Method #4 – Purchase VC

I’m not a massive fan of using real money to buy in-game items or virtual currency, but there’s no denying this is a quick way to earn VC in NBA 2K23. They aren’t the worst prices compared to other games offering in-game purchases, but this should be a last resort and only if you are willing to spend your hard-earned cash. The options range from buying 5,000 VC to a whopping 450,000 VC — with the latter being pricier.

- This article was updated on June 15th, 2023

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