The Best Way to Earn Money in My Time at Sandrock

Show me the Gols!

by Alex Huebner
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Whether you’re looking to get your items built quickly, or trying to stock up on food for the Ruins, getting some Gols so you can purchase will help out tremendously. While there are a few things you could do, here is the best way to earn money in My Time at Sandrock.

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Image: Attack of the Fanboy

As soon as you meet Yan he tells you all about how he created a board of requests people have put in that you can take on once per day to earn Gols and other rewards. All you have to do is go into the Commerce Guild and look at the bulletin board next to the door. It will have sticky notes with requests that also list how much time you have to fulfill the request. Some will be worth more Gols than others, so choose wisely. Once you’ve selected one for the day you cannot select another until you’ve been upgraded to do so.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

These projects are typically low resource needs and quickly completed with long timelines. Accepting them is a quick and simple way to bring in a large amount of Gols quickly without having to do too much hunting.

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Upgrade Knowledge to Earn Money

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

In your start menu, there’s a Knowledge tab with a variety of skills you can upgrade as you earn levels. If you go to the Social levels and upgrade your Reputation Knowledge, followed by Chart-topper Knowledge on the right side of the tree, they will unlock Commissions and Contracting Knowledge, which at level 1 allows you to take on an additional commission per day.

Selling Goods

While you can sell the resources you discover or create, you’re better off using them for your projects. When I’ve gone to sell my resources I noticed they’re only worth a low amount of Gol per item and you’d have to sell many to get anything worthwhile. However, if you want to sell because you need the space and feel like you’re not going to use the items, the By The Stairs shop across from City Hall typically buys most things.

Farming and fishing are usually good ways to earn money in cozy games like My Time at Sandrock. However, in this title, farming isn’t immediately available and fishing is quite time-consuming for how little you get for the initial fish you can catch. Overall, I still feel that the best way to make good use of your time and earn fast money is to keep up on commissions instead.

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