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The Division 2 Nightclub Classified Assignment: Where to Find Backpack Charm and Audio Logs

Crack the code and grab a new hamburger charm for your backpack.

by Brandon Adams


Episode 3 has finally arrived to The Division 2, and with it the new Nightclub Classified Assignment for Annual Pass holders to tackle. Naturally, everyone wants to know where the audio logs are, and how to find the hamburger backpack charm, so this guide will help all of you collectible fiends hoover them up.

The first audio log is found immediately after entering the Nightclub Classified Assignment.

This one is simple: as soon as you enter the nightclub make your way down the hall until you reach some stairs leading down to the Brass Room. There is a jammed elevator door with the audio log behind it. Just walk up, interact with the door, and grab the log.


Number 2 is within the Brass Room, behind the bar.

The second audio log within the assignment requires a little finesse to grab, but it’s nothing difficult. Within the Brass Room you’ll notice a bar to the left. There is a hallway that goes behind it. Enter that hallway and you will see some shelves and a couple mannequins along one wall within the adjacent room. Look into the room to see a door with a yellow padlock on it. Shoot the padlock, then leave the hallway. A door behind the bar can now be opened, leading to the second log.


The third collectible isn’t an audio log, but an easy to reach Echo.

As you leave the Brass Room and head into the lavatory hall (moving through the mission normally), you’ll see an Echo before you climb an elevator shaft. Nothing more to this one, folks.

The actual third audio log is after the elevator, but can’t be reached immediately.

This one will require you to clear the mission, seeing as it is behind a locked door. The panel you need to shoot to open it is in the Geode Room, which is the final room of the Nightclub Classified Assignment. Progress through the mission until you defeat The Chemist, and when she is down check the wall opposite the stage. You should see the control room above, with a wire running out of it. Follow the wire to a yellow panel on the second floor, and shoot it. Open the door that leads to the exit, and move beyond it to find yourself back in the hallway where the log was located. Open the door, and collect! This room will be important later, but we’ll re-attack that point after the next log is collected.


The fourth log is in the Silver Room, and requires a key to access.

This one may seem tricky, but the solution is a short jaunt away. After leaving the second story of the grow room, you’ll find yourself at the booth above the Silver Room. The phone is in the room to the right, but you will need a key to get in. After clearing the Silver Room of Hyena goons, look on the right wall for a dead Hyena slumped in front of some pink panels. Loot his corpse for the key, then return to the locked door. The audio log is yours to collect.


Solve a unique puzzle to grab the Nightclub backpack charm.

So, remember how I mentioned the room from the third audio log was going to be important later? In that room there are six keyboards with symbols above them. To unlock the door leading to the charm you need to solve a little code. Here is the rub, however: the code will be different for every player.

The trick here is to find generators hidden in the level. They are small, square generators – not to be confused with the larger rectangular ones. You know you are on the right track if you see four lights with wires running out of them to a single location. That location happens to be the generator. Turning it on will illuminate one of the lights, and if you look in the vicinity you should notice one of the symbols spray-painted in the environment. This is the order of the code – a plus with the third light on means it comes third.

A generator can be found in the room with the fourth audio log, one in the lavatory hall before the echo device, and one at the beginning above the elevators the first audio log was located (and, the door up there to the Golden Room is the door that will unlock and lead to the charm when the combo is correct).

You only need three to complete the code: you can figure out the fourth by elimination. Pro-tip: if you shot out any of the lights the one one flickering is the “illuminated” one. Once you have the code return to the room and input it by toggling the keyboards in the correct order. An audible charm should go off if you did it correctly. Double back to the beginning to the door above the elevators, and you’ll find the Nightclub charm behind it.


Congrats, you’ve completed the Nightclub Classified Assignment and found all the secrets. With Episode 3 of The Division 2 and the Classified Assignments out of the way, it’s time to prepare for The Division 2: Warlords of New York. Check out our detailed report on the expansion, or perhaps our impressions and interview if you’d like to know more about the upcoming launch.

- This article was updated on:February 12th, 2020

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