The Division 2: How to Change Clothes

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While you mostly worry about shooting and the various mechanics surrounding that, it’s still important to look good as you explore the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Washington DC. We previously explained where to find clothes in the game, but now it’s time to actually switch things up. Here’s how to change clothes in The Division 2.

How to Change Clothes in The Division 2

Be sure to check out our guide on where to find clothes if you’re struggling to open up enough good options. Once you have what you want you can keep reading here. As with most of the game’s customizations, the answer lies within the menu. Open the menu using Escape or Menu/Options on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 respectively. Once there choose the Apparel menu on the right. Here is where you can get in and mess with your fashion.

To change clothes just choose whatever item you are wanting to swap out and a new menu will appear with all of your options. Pick what you want and it will be applied immediately. Everything is broken down into sub-categories, though there’s also a menu where you can choose entire outfits, if you’ve unlocked them. Of course, you can buy whatever you want using real money if you fail to find what you are looking for, but everything can be found in-game as well.

Pretty simple, but that’s how to change clothes in The Division 2.

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