The Division 2: Where to Find Clothes

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Amidst the chaos, bloodshed, and war surrounding the post-apocalyptic Washington DC featured in The Division 2 there’s an underground fashion scene of sorts. Yes, this is a shooting game and you’ll mostly be focused on your weapons, gear, and abilities. Still, you don’t want to look bad while you save the world, do you? Clothes are available all throughout the game and longtime fans know how important they are to the experience of this looter shooter. But to use them, you have to find them. Here’s where to find clothes in The Division 2.

Where to Find Clothes in The Division 2

Unfortunately there’s no single, straightforward answer for where to find clothes in the Division 2. The game doesn’t feature some huge store where you can browse and try on whatever you want. Instead you have to do some legwork if you want to look your best as you take out Hyenas all around DC. Yes, as with most questions about where to find loot in these types of games, the real answer is to play the game as much as possible, exploring every single nook and cranny. There are some easy tips you can follow to maximize your clothing returns though.

Side Missions seem to be a major way to unlock and find clothes throughout The Division 2. While the main story will give you some nice items, given how optional clothing is to the experience, they’re often relegated to the ancillary quests you don’t have to complete. Whenever you finish a side mission be sure to check what you unlocked. If you miss it, just swing by your Stash and see if any clothes were dropped in.

Caches and other random loot drops are the other area where you’ll most often find new clothes in The Division 2. Any cache you come across will contain loot for you to find, and oftentimes it is a new piece of clothing. When it comes to caches you can also dabble in the microtransactions in the game. There are specific caches and keys that guarantee clothing drops. You can find these within the same apparel menu where you change clothes. Alternatively you can just head into the Apparel Shop to buy whatever you want, if you’re willing to throw real money at the game. Once you find one you want to use be sure to check out how to change clothes.

And that’s all the tips for where to find clothes in The Division 2.

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