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The Division 2 – How to Complete Season 1 Event Target: Neptune

The first Season event is a checklist of existing activities.

by Brandon Adams


The Division 2: Warlords of New York has introduced Seasons to the game, and the first season has kicked off its first event – Target: Neptune. Much like the manhunt in the main campaign, you’re tasked with tracking down and eliminating a rogue agent up to no good. So, what do you need to do to complete the Season 1 event Target: Neptune?

There are four stages to Target: Neptune that will take you to certain zones to complete set activities.

Target: Neptune doesn’t add a new mode to the game, opting instead to recycle existing content you’ve likely played before in The Division 2. There are four “hints” you need to collect if you wish to draw the rogue agent out of hiding, and each hint has few objectives you must complete before unlocking it.

You will need to take down three control points, a bounty and a mission in three specific zones within West D.C. for the first three hints, and you’ll need to overcome one of the strongholds for the fourth. These objectives will appear on the map as yellow chevrons. These requires are listed below:

  • Hint #1
    • Zone – Constitution Hall
      • Three Control Points
      • One Bounty
      • Mission – DCD Headquarters
  • Hint #2
    • Zone – Foggy Bottom
      • Three Control Points
      • One Bounty
      • Mission – Potomac Event Center
  • Hint #3
    • Zone – West End
      • Three Control Points
      • One Bounty
      • Mission – Federal Emergency Bunker
  • Hint#4
    • Stronghold – Roosevelt Island


These objectives are no different than Projects in The Division 2, and they can be completed at any difficulty (except Story). Thus my tip to you: if you want to blast through the Target: Neptune event set the game to Normal difficulty. Directives affect experience earned more than difficulty does, so if you want extra season experience while knocking out this checklist turn those on.

Once all four hints have been earned you will draw Neptune out of the shadows, and you’ll be given her location. Head to the waypoint and complete the marked assignment to spawn and then murder Target: Neptune.

And that’s it: that is genuinely all there is to it. Three weeks after this event the next one will trigger – Target: Venus, which will work in a similar fashion. Until then, check out our guides and tips hub for The Division 2: Warlords of New York.

- This article was updated on:March 10th, 2020

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