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The Division 2: How To Use The Sniper Turret

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Just like its predecessor, The Division 2 gives players plenty of different skills to utilize in combat. These require Skill Points to unlock, with you able to really increase your arsenal the deeper you get into the game. In addition, there are also Skill Variants that let you choose between different version of each specific Skill. The turret has always been a fan favorite and this guide is here to tell you how to use the Sniper Turret Skill Variant specifically.

How To Use Sniper Turret

First of all, you have to make sure that the Sniper Turret skill is currently equipped to the RB button on Xbox One, or its equivalent on other platforms for The Division 2.

Just like previous turrets, this can either press RB to deploy the turret near or hold it down and aim to toss the turret to another location at a further distance. With this turret especially, finding the right spot to snipe from is going to make a big difference.

Unlike the Assault Turret, the Sniper Turret in The Division 2 requires your input to fire at enemies, which can be done rather simply. You must just aim at the enemy that you are wanting to target and press RB. This will have you shoot the enemy with a stronger sniper shot, which can help to turn the tide of battle when you are avoiding gunfire behind cover.

The only issue with the Sniper Turret is that it can be a little hard to maneuver at times when on the run or when the enemy is consistently staying behind barriers, which makes it difficult to land hits a lot of the time. With some practice though, this Skill Variant can be a great weapon in your back pocket for the tougher skirmishes.

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