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The Last of Us 2 How to Swing on Rope

Ropes will allow you to get to hard to reach places.


In The Last of Us 2 there will be occasions where you’ll need to use a rope to progress to areas that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach.  The first of these is in the Synagogue area once you’ve reached Seattle.  Once you get to the rope in this building this guide will explain how to use the rope to get to the exit.

How to Swing on Rope in The Last of Us 2.

To use the rope you need to walk up to it and interact with it.  Once you’re on the rope you simply need to hold the R1 Button and then use the Left Thumbstick to press forward and backwards until you get your momentum going and begin swinging on the rope.  Once you’ve swung higher enough to get to the other balcony you can then press the X button to jump off.

The rope also has numerous other features, like the ability to slide down.  This is done by pressing and holding the L1 Button instead of the R1 Button.  You can then use the Left Thumbstick to go up or down the rope.

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