The Pokemon GO Retro Cup: Best Pokemon and Teams for Season 11

Dominate the Retro Cup with these lineups

by Caleb Stultz


As we move out of the Spring into Spring Event for April, Pokemon GO trainers are looking for the next event on the horizon for the mobile game. Look no further than this article where we will show you the best Pokemon and Team compositions to use in the Pokemon GO Retro Cup for Season 11. From all the important details of the event, like the limitations on trainers to the best Pokemon to use, we have got you covered.

Best Teams and Pokemon for Pokemon GO Retro Cup 2022

There are two requirements for trainers to meet for Pokemon GO’s Season 11 Retro Cup for April 2022. The first requirement is for your Pokemon to be at or below 1,500 CP to enter the contest. The second rule for Pokemon GO trainers to follow is that trainers are not allowed to use Steel, Dark, or Fairy-Type Pokemon. This is because those Types did not exist in Generation 1 of the Pokemon games.

With these restrictions in the back of your mind, it is time to figure out which Pokemon to take with you to the Pokemon GO Retro Cup for April 2022. Players will have lots of options in this event, so choose wisely.

Best Pokemon for Pokemon GO Retro Cup April 2022


Below is our list of the best Pokemon to use for the Pokemon GO Retro Cup 2022. We recommend picking at least one or two from this list as they are the top meta Pokemon for the Retro Cup as of right now. Since other people will use meta Pokemon, it is always smart to throw in a Pokemon that has a type advantage against Pokemon on this list. Try to cover your team’s weaknesses and disadvantages with your third choice. Here is our list of the best Pokemon for the Pokemon GO Retro Cup 2022:

  • Lickitung (XL) – Normal-Type: Lick/Power Whip
  • Cresselia – Psychic-Type: Psycho Cut, Moonblast
  • Regirock – Rock-Type: Lock On, Stone Edge
  • Abomasnow – Grass and Ice-Type: Powder Snow, Weather Ball
  • Froslass – Ice and Ghost-Type: Powder Snow, Shadow Ball
  • Chansey (XL) – Normal-Type: Zen Headbutt, Hyper Beam
  • Altaria – Dragon and Flying-type: Mud Shot, Rock Slide
  • Dewgong – Water and Ice-Type: Frost Breath, Water Pulse
  • Deoxys (Defense Form) – Psychic-Type: Counter, Psycho Boost
  • Drifblim – Ghost and Flying-Type: Hex, Icy Wind

Best Team for Pokemon GO Retro Cup 2022

Though your team is ultimately up to your preference for the Pokemon GO April 2022 Season 11 Retro Cup, we do advise you to stay mostly within the bounds of the Pokemon we chose as they are the best Pokemon to use right now in Pokemon GO. Mix and match your teams within this list and bring in some other key players that can cover your team’s weaknesses.

Here are a few team suggestions for the best team to use for the Pokemon GO Retro Cup 2022:

  • Lickitung (XL) – Frosslass – Cresselia
  • Dewgong – Altaria – Deoxys (Defense Form)
  • Abomasnow – Cresselia – Altaria
  • Froslass – Deoxys – Regirock
  • Drifblim – Chansey (XL) – Dewgong

Let us know if there were any Pokemon we missed! Be sure to check out our other guides and the latest news on Pokemon GO, as well.

Pokemon GO is available for all mobile devices.

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