Today’s Wordle Answer #300: Hints for Friday, April 15

What is the 300th word for the massively popular word guessing game?

by Elliott Gatica


Wordle is going well into its 300th day. It’s only 65 more days until we make it a whole year, seeing the green and yellow blocks on our Twitter timelines. Many people are still raving about the simplicity and how sharp their minds are when it comes to maintaining these win streaks. There are only so many words in the English alphabet that are somewhat common to use in everyday language. And for people who want to maintain that streak and need a little bit of a nudge to keep that going, here are some tips and hints for today’s (Friday, April 15) answer for Wordle 300.

Hints for Wordle April 15

Here are some hints to point you in the right direction for today’s answer:

  • This word has two vowels.
  • The word starts with a consonant digraph (two consonants together, i.e. “sh”)
  • This word ends with a vowel.
  • The word can be used as a noun or a verb.
    • In terms of being a noun, it’s a feeling of guilt or remorse.
    • in terms of being a verb, it’s a word used to humiliate or degrade.

Today’s Wordle 300 Answer


For those who still cannot get it right for Day 300, you can see what the word is below. Just know that under the image will give the answer away.

The answer to the April 15 Wordle is SHAME.

How Does Wordle Work?

Wordle is a daily word-solving game where you have to guess the word of the day using all the five-letter words you can think of. You get six tries before you lose for the day, so you have to use the hints the game gives you before using all six tries.

If the word you entered has letters highlighted in green boxes, that means you have correctly guessed where the letter is in the actual word. If the letters are in yellow boxes, that means the letter exists in the day’s word, but just is not in the right position. The letters in grey are incorrect.

The game does not accept words smaller or larger than five letters, nor does it accept random gibberish just to rule out certain letters. So keep that in mind before using unconventional combinations.

You can play Wordle now on any web browser whether you’re on a PC or smartphone.

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