Today’s Wordle Answer #306: Hints for Thursday, April 21

The Wordle solution for Thursday the 21st of April

by Caleb Stultz


With daily words to be found for players of Wordle, it is important to get hints every once in a while when you are stumped on what the word could be for today. There are lots of different words that it could be, so having a guide to give you a few hints, or the answer outright, could be a huge game-changer. This is especially true if you want to brag to your friends online that you got the word in one try (Don’t worry, we won’t tell). Whether you need a few hints or just want the answer outright, here is your guide for today’s Wordle for Thursday, April 21st.

Hints for Wordle April 21st

Today’s Wordle starts with an O. Get up and get some air to find this answer, which is also a hint. Here are a few others for your search for today’s Wordle:

  • Today’s word starts with an O
  • The word has three vowels in it
  • There are no double letters to be found in the word
  • The word for today ends with the letter E
  • This word is a noun

If you are still having trouble guessing the word, here is one more tip for you: This word mixes what you breathe in with a more electropositive element or group. Though that might give it away, read on to find today’s word for the April 21 Wordle.

Today’s Wordle 306 Answer

Never feel bad about looking up a Wordle answer. This game trips up even the best of wordsmiths and vocabulary masters. With your streak on the line, sometimes it’s necessary to get the answer outright. Scroll down past the image below to find out Wordle 306.


The answer for the April 21st Wordle is OXIDE.

How does Wordle Work?

Wordle is a daily word game online where you try to guess a random five-letter word every day. You are given six tries to figure out that day’s word and the game will give you indicators if you got a letter in the word. If a letter turns green, then you’ve found the right letter in the right position of today’s word. If it’s yellow, then the letter belongs in a different spot within the word. And if it’s gray, then the letter is not in the word at all.

Even with this, it can be difficult to find the right word on Wordle. Check back in to Attack of the Fanboy daily to find the answer to your daily Wordle.

Wordle is available now to play online.

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