Today’s Wordle Answer #309: Hints for Sunday, April 24

Another doozy for the popular word-guessing game.

by Elliott Gatica


For those who have managed to be consistent more than 300 days later with Wordle, kudos to you. There have been some curveballs thrown at us in the past week, specifically on April 21. For those who need some guidance, we got you covered. Here are some hints and the answer for today’s Wordle 309 (Sunday, April 24).

Hints for Wordle April 24

Here are some hints to help you get today’s answer:

  • The word is an adjective.
  • It means to lack movement, power; to be still and stationary.
  • The word starts with a vowel.
  • This word ends with a consonant.
  • The word has two vowels.
  • There are no repeated letters.

Today’s Wordle 309 Answer

If the hints were not enough for Day 307, you can see the answer below.


The answer to the April 24 Wordle is INERT.

How Does Wordle Work?

Wordle is a daily word-guessing game where you have six attempts to guess the word of the day. Each guess will be judged based on the letters you used and their placements.

A letter in a green box means you guessed the right one in the right spot for the word of the day. A letter in a yellow box means you got the right letter, but it’s not in the right position for the correct word. A grey box means the letter does not exist in the word.

You can only play one instance of Wordle a day, so if you need alternatives to satiate that need for deduction in-browser games, check out our picked Wordle alternatives. Those are catered more to specific fanbases, while also maintaining the addictive essence this game has to offer. Hopefully, the New York Times plays cool and doesn’t send out takedown notices to shut these projects down.

You can play Wordle now on any browser on a PC or smartphone.

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