UFC 5 Simulation, Knockout, and Stand and Bang Game Styles Explained

Check out an overview of all of the game styles present in EA Sports UFC 5.

by Franklin Bellone Borges
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No matter if you are playing alone, with friends on couch co-op, or online with enthusiasts all over the world, EA Sports UFC 5 allows you to enter the cage under four different game styles — Competitive, Simulation, Knockout, and Stand and Bang.

But although Simulation more or less explains itself, how do the other game styles differ from the game’s standard Competitive one? Here’s an overview of all of the game styles present in EA Sports UFC 5.

All EA Sports UFC 5 Game Styles Explained

While Competitive is the default game style applied to all matches on EA Sports UFC 5 (Competitive is also the only style available for those playing Ranked or Online Carrer matches), Simulation offers players an experience as close to real life as possible by completely removing the hud, as well as by featuring real-time rounds and giving fighters an increase in both damage and stamina drain.

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Stand and Bang offers an experience almost identical to the one featured in Competitive, with the main difference being that all types of ground combat are prohibited. In this mode, it will be impossible to perform takedowns, clinches, and submissions.

Going in the opposite direction of Simulation, Knockout allows you to awaken your inner beast by disabling health regeneration and providing both players with an unlimited amount of combinations and overall stamina. Perks are also turned off when playing Knockout matches in the default setting.

If none of the styles above fits your preferred way to play, UFC 5 also allows you to further customize your game when playing either alone or in local co-op by heading to Settings. You can open Settings while in the mode selection screen by pressing either Square (on PS5) or B (on Xbox consoles).

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

This piece was made while playing EA Sports UFC 5 on PS5.

- This article was updated on October 25th, 2023

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