V Rising: How To Create The Blood Altar Construction

Wanting to create a Blood Altar within V Rising?

by Gordon Bicker


V Rising has numerous contraptions for you to construct and utilize within the experience and one such construction is the Blood Altar. With this, you will be tracking down bosses in no time so having it at the ready will be of great importance for your playthrough if you’re wanting to find these bosses quickly and efficiently. This guide article will take you through the process of how to actually craft the V Rising Blood Altar for your character to begin to utilize it.

How To Craft The Blood Altar In V Rising

In order to craft the Blood Altar, you will have to go through a few steps first and foremost to actually begin the process of creating the altar. First, you will need to complete a quest named ‘Getting Ready for the Hunt’. This quest will have you constructing a Sawmill and then interacting with it. Along with this, you will have to increase your character’s gear level to 15 and also craft a ‘Simple Workbench’ and interact with that similar to the process of the Sawmill.

After completing all of that and the quest itself, you will get the Blood Altar crafting blueprint which will be found in the Production section for the crafting list. You will need 10 Blood Essence and 180 stone in order to build the Blood Altar. The Blood Essence can be found by slaying creatures across the lands and the stone can be acquired by mining things such as certain walls and rocks. When you have built the Blood Altar you will be ready to interact with it and track the bosses you need to.

It should be noted that utilizing the Blood Altar will certainly assist you a lot in finding the bosses so if you want to stumble upon the bosses without tracking them then you don’t have to utilize the Blood Altar, however, it definitely helps for finding them quickly for your character.

V Rising is available now with Early Access for Steam.

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