V Rising: Is the Dracula’s Relics DLC Pack Worth It?

Planning to get the Dracula's Relic DLC Pack?

by Gordon Bicker


V Rising can be bought at this very moment for Early Access and players have been rushing into the experience like the swarm of vampires searching for blood that they no doubt are within this experience. However, there are a few options for purchasing extras for the game and one of these is the V Rising Dracula’s Relics DLC Pack. This guide article will take you through everything you need to know about the pack and if it is indeed worth the purchase for you.

Everything The Dracula’s Relics DLC Pack For V Rising Has

There is a lot to first learn about what is included with the Dracula’s Relics pack for the experience. This will allow you to form a conclusion about whether the pack will be worth it for you. Priced at £7.19 ($9.99) the pack has the following included:

  • Exterior Royal Walls Pillar wallpaper
  • Exterior Royal Walls wallpaper
  • Glass Window: Royal Black & Red
  • Glass Window: Royal Red & Black
  • Interior Royal Walls Pillar wallpaper
  • Interior Royal Walls wallpaper
  • Royal Braziers with Orange, Blue, Green, Red, White, Yellow, and Purple flames
  • Royal Carpets
  • The Immortal King’s Drape, Cloak, and Mantle
  • The Immortal King’s Greathelm
  • The Royal Coffin
  • The Royal Gate castle doors
  • The Royal Pattern stone floors
  • The Royal Throne

As can be observed, there are a lot of decoration and cosmetic items that are bundled with the DLC pack so if you’re wanting to live out your vampire fantasies through the form of clothing, color, and decorations then this pack will certainly be worth it for you. Plus, when thinking about the other items that are all included, there is certainly something for everything with the pack.

Search for resources and survive in Vampiric style with this DLC pack that will offer all of this for your character.

V Rising is available now with Early Access for Steam.

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