V Rising: Is the Eldest Bloodline Founder’s Pack Worth It?

Play dress up with your created vampire in V Rising with this DLC pack.

by Shaun Cichacki


If you’re looking to show off your love and appreciation of the newest indie darling V Rising, you’ve got the option to do just that. While the base game is a standard $19.99, there are a few DLC packs that can add more content to the game. The first option is the Dracula’s Relics DLC pack, which gives you some gorgeous black, red, and gold accented items to decorate yourself and your castle with, much like a certain famous vampire.

However, there is another cosmetics DLC, the Eldest Bloodlines Founders Pack, which offers more items, for a little bit more money. But, are these worth your time, or better left to burn in the sun? Let’s take a look at what you get, and see if it’s worth your hard-earned coin!

These Vampires Don’t Sparkle in V Rising


Much like the Dracula’s Relics DLC Packyou’ll find a vast assortment of different cosmetics options. You’ll be able to create the vampire of your dreams with the in-depth character creator, but the extra options in this pack can help you push your character to new and exciting levels. Here is everything that you’ll get with this DLC pack, priced at $19.99.

Three Unique Variants of Shapeshifting Forms

  • Wolf Form Variant: The Stygian Wolf
  • Bear Form Variant: The Stygian Bear
  • Grandma Form

Twenty Seven Gargoyle Statues – Granite, Marble, and Black Marble

  • Dueling Gargoyles
  • Lurking Gargoyle
  • Crouching Gargoyle
  • Pleading Gargoyle
  • Pondering Gargoyle
  • Roaring Gargoyle
  • Agonized Gargoyle
  • Victorious Gargoyle
  • Challenging Gargoyle

Six Different Gargoyle Ornaments for Pillars

  • Gargoyle Vigilant
  • Gargoyle Apologist
  • Gargoyle Sentinel
  • Gargoyle Supplicant
  • Gargoyle Protector
  • Gargoyle Diplomat

Sixteen Different Vampire Accessories

  • Mask of Jewels
  • Pure Golden Half-Mask
  • Horned Silver Half-Mask
  • Human Ivory Half-Mask
  • Black Leather Eye Patch
  • Emerald Lens Glasses
  • Elegant Bifocals
  • Inventor’s Frames
  • Scholar’s Monocle
  • Wing-Tipped Glasses
  • Half-Moon Spectacles
  • Oni’s Jaw Mask
  • Mannequin Doll Jaw Mask
  • Golden Beast Jaw Mask
  • Confessor’s Blindfold
  • Black Lace Veil

V Rising Original Soundtrack by Aleksandria Migova

  • All tracks in WAV 24bit, 48khz, and Mp3 320kbps
  • Soundtrack Cover Artwork

Track Listing

01 Vampires Rising
02 Dawn Comes
03 Farbane Nights
04 Song of Dunley
05 Moonlight in the Countryside
06 Hallowed Mountains
07 Kiss of Frost
08 Tales from the Cursed Forest Part I
09 Tales from the Cursed Forest Part II
10 Clash of Faiths
11 Darkness and Light
12 The Castle
13 We Hunt
14 Dungeon Born

If you’re a fan of the game so far and want to give your vampire their unique stylings, this seems like the ultimate way to do it. At its low cost, it’s a great way to support the development team at Stunlock Studios, and rather than just handing the items over to you, you’ll need to hunt and scavenge for different materials to make these items yourself. A nice way to get used to the systems that they use, as well. Overall, this is a nice DLC pack, especially for those that want to make the ultimate vampire.

V Rising is available now, in early access, on Microsoft Windows.

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