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Valheim – How to Craft Metal Fast

Cook up some metal fast, with some very easy steps.

by Victor Vellas


Gathering resources can take up a lot of your time within Valheim and using them to craft other, more important items and materials can take up even longer. Such is the case with metal, coal and various other ingredients for recipes. You need to use your tools to create such things, and in this world of survival and hardships, you need to of course wait for them to get ready. The process is not instant as it would be in other types of games, so here as in real life, you need to throw in your coal or any other materials, and wait for your metal goodies to be cooked up.

How to craft metal and other resources fast.

You can easily throw in some wood and coal to your Kiln and Smelter respectively, and then continue exploring your world, hunt animals or do any activity you are in the mood for, as you wait for them to produce coal and metal. There isn’t any wrong about this, but, you may need some items fast or you just want to take advantage of the game’s mechanics, to have them ready without waiting at all. To do so, all you have to do is to fill those up (Kiln and Smelter) when it is nighttime, before you go to sleep. By utilizing this handy timing, by the time you wake up in the morning, all of the items you wanted will be already prepared. Simply go to your establishments, gather up your crafted resources and you are done. Save up time by literally doing nothing.

If you are looking for a way to have more chests within your house, to put all those resources, make sure to check our guide here.

Valheim is now in Early Access, through Steam.

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