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Valheim – How to Stack Chests

Save up a lot of space with this small tip.

by Victor Vellas


Valheim’s huge open word is a sight to behold, with numerous of things to find like secret chests, wild animals, rare resources, you name it. To do so, everyone needs to first establish a great and warm home for their character, to endure the hardships that are going to follow. Within your lovely house, you can of course stock up decorative items, practical tools, furniture and a lot more.

Chests are also extremely useful as you would imagine, therefore you would need a couple of those. But, here is the thing. They need quite some space if you want to spread out a couple of them, which in result means you need a bigger place to put them, which again in result means more resources to spend. For this reason alone, finding a different way to stack them, is essential to save quite a bit of room. And we got you covered.

How to stack chests on top of another.

Try putting a chest anywhere on the floor. Then, try to put another chest on top of it. As you would imagine, you can’t do this as the game doesn’t let you to. BUT, here is a small tip that can literally be a game changer. Place the chest close to any wall you’ve built. Then, try putting a floor tile, any tile would do, right above that chest connected to the wall right next to it. Right after, take out another chest and put it on that tile. Boom, there you have it, 2 chests extremely close to each, taking up minimal space within your establishment. As you imagine, you can do this for as many chests as you want, and of course for other items as well. Simple things in life can make such a difference and in a game where everything matters, managing your resources is key.

Valheim is now in Early Access, through Steam.


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