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Valheim: How to Make a Windmill

Get a load of food resources the easy way.

by Victor Vellas


Valheim has a ton of areas to explore, with a lot of them being far away from your already built bases, ending up to big excursions. Of course, you need to be well fed in order to be able to continue on, and you will need many different recipes so you can stack up as much food as possible. You will start the game by hunting for every single resource, even the simplest ones, but as you eventually progress through the game and build better items, a Windmill becomes available making part of this process much easier.

How to build a Windmill in Valheim

To start of, what does a Windmill do? To put it simply, it provides a steady income of Barley Flour, created obviously from Barley. Barley Floor in return is required for various different food items, such Bread and Lox Meat Pies. As you see, it can turn what would be a mindless grind for simple items, an effortless procedure.

The possibility of making a Windmill is unlocked after beating Moder, the Mountains biome Boss. This is due to only then the option to build an Artisan table becomes available, which is needed to create a Windmill. The Windmill needs to be within the radius of the Artisan Table, making it quite mandatory for this process, but as you may have guessed you can easily it remove it afterwards, and the Windmill will still operate as normal.

The moment you have access to the Artisan Table you can start your Windmill business right away, so there is no reason to save it for later. In fact, it is highly advised to build a couple of them, to increase the income of Barley Floor, making the option of having constant food, literally effortless. Additionally, one more fun gimmick you need to keep note of, is that the Windmill does produce more flour if the wind is actually favorable. Which means that stroms and the likes do hinder its productivity. Valheim keeps fascinating us with how much detail this pixelated world has, and this niche feature is truly a proof of that.

Valheim is now available through Steam Early Access.


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