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Valheim – How to Summon and Beat Moder

Of course there would be a Dragon fight.

by Victor Vellas


A game centered around Norse mythology, of course would include a Boss fight with a dragon, in the Mountains area of Valheim. Moder, the giant flying beast that is the last trial of the snowy biome, is a fierce wyvern ready to take you out the moment you summon her. That said, it is not clear she is a necessarily bad creature, taking in consideration the way we summon her.

How to summon Moder.

In order to be able to summon Moder, you first need to collect Dragon Eggs. Those beautiful eggs can be found around the Mountains biome, glowing purple-ish with numerous black spots. Don’t be fooled of how ‘easy’ it is to find them though, since actually transporting them is an entirely different story. They weigh a whooping 200 points, making it impossible to have with you more than one, unless you bought and used the Megingjord, an item that lets you increase your weight limit by 150. Even then, you are barely able to have two of these with you, and since summoning Moder requires three eggs in total, get ready for some back and forth trips. Please note that Dragon Eggs can’t be transported through any Portal, so erase that smile from your face, thinking you could abuse the specific tool.

After getting the three Dragon Eggs, you need to place them at a sacrificial altar. The specific structure is made of stone, has a round shape and can be found somewhere in the Mountains biome. It has a red glow emitting from it. so you can hardly miss it. Get behind it and place the eggs in the three bowls that await for you.

How to beat Moder.

After doing all of the above, the great wyvern will come at you with full force. That being due to you messing around with her eggs, or anything else at all, doesn’t matter. She has made up her mind into erasing you from existence, so get ready. She is a fierce opponent, but oddly enough, way less frustrating to deal with than the previous Boss, Bonemass.

What would immensely help the fight, would be if you owned the Wolf Armor, which lets you ignore the harsh cold of the area, focusing solely on the battle. Frost Resistance Meads can also help with this, so make sure to have some of them in your inventory.

After having your setup ready, let’s jump into the actual fight. Moder has various attacks, but most notable ones are her two freezing skills. Not because they are doing much damage, but rather due to the slow effect they cause. If she does hit you with any of these, she can then easily catch you with the rest of her attacks. If you are able to avoid those freezing strikes and learn a little the rest of her attack patterns, you should be fine. Hit her when possible, evading the rest of the time. Of course, blasting away with arrows from afar is a great way of handling her too, since she sometimes fly in the sky. Poison arrows in particular are a great choice when being against the giant dragon. If you don’t have them, simply use the next strongest arrows you have.

There you have it, Moder’s fight in a nutshell. The Boss is not that hard to deal with, especially if you are coming prepared, so kill her and claim the Dragon Tear, a key item that’s needed for crafting Black Metal, a resource that you need for creating some of the best equipment in Valheim.

Valheim is now available through Steam Early Access.


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