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Valheim – How to Increase Your Inventory Weight Limit

Increasing your inventory space will result to longer exploring sessions.

by Victor Vellas


As with any survival-like game out there, Valheim does a great job of making you appreciate each item you collect and store to your inventory. Having a couple of berries with you at the exact needed moment, can make a huge difference to your overall exploration session. Therefore, having as many items with you as possible, is quite significant.

Initially the carry limit of 300 (weight) seems quite generous, and it really is, but as you progress through the game, expanding your kingdom and establishing a solo community within the current world you are in, you’ll reach a point where your inventory will reach its max capacity. Therefore, increasing that amount is essential to keep having pleasant adventures in the many biomes of Valheim.

How to increase the inventory’s weight limit.

Your inventory not only have limited slots for items, but also a weight limit that can reach up to 300. In order to increase that limit, you need two things. At least 950 coins and to find the traveling Merchant. You need to reach the Black Forest biome, as this is the only area the Merchant resides in.

After doing so, approach him and interact with him. Amongst other things to his list of sold items, there is a certain one, called “Megingjord”. It costs a chunky amount of coins, 950 to be precise, hence why you should have this amount with you and when you buy it and have it in your inventory, your carry limit is increased by a whopping 150, reaching a maximum of 450! That’s a 50% increase, which is a rather big bonus to your inventory capacity.

The best way to amass that amount of coins, is to farm dungeons and find valuable things like jewels. Then, sell all those Rubies and the likes to the Merchant, and you should have no issue reaching that amount of money. Additionally, if you want to reach the Merchant the easiest and fastest possible, take a look at our guide right here. Enjoy your increased inventory size.

Valheim is available through Steam Early Access.


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