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Valheim – How to Sell Items

If you want to know how to sell items, you found the right place.

by Victor Vellas


An enormous amount of items can be found in the world of Valheim and a lot of them do have monetic value as well, other than simply being ingredients for better quality crafts. Collectibles like the Rubies and the likes are only some of them, so it is suggested to try and sell those items whenever you have the chance, for making some extra coins in the process. If you don’t know already how to sell items, well you are in luck as we’ll explain everything here.

How to find the Merchant and sell items.

The very first thing you need to do, which is mandatory as well, is to find the fabled Merchant of Valheim. The mysterious (not really) persona lies in the Black Forest, with a set campfire somewhere in that biome. Here are some tips as to how to look for him:

  • The moment you are within his range (1000km), you will be able to see him in your map as a moneybag icon.
  • Black Forest is the only biome he resides in.
  • His most frequent spawn point is close to shores.
  • As we mentioned above, he already has a campfire set, which makes it easy to locate him with environmental indications, like the smoke and the fire’s glow.
  • As of now, he hasn’t been found yet in the starting island, making the boat a necessary tool to reach him

After you locate him, simply approach him and interact with him. You will be able to sell anything you want to him, for a certain amount of Gold back, and then buy any of his wares which include a number of cloth items and more. If you want to skip all of that though, make sure to check our guide here to see how.

Below you can find a list with his items, but it is not clear yet if he sells more than these, in different conditions.

  • Yule hat – 100 coins.
  • Dverger circle – 620 coins.
  • Megingjord – 950 coins.
  • Ymir flesh – 120 coins.
  • Fishing rod – 350 coins.
  • Bait x50 – 10 coins.

Valheim is now available through Steam Early Access.

- This article was updated on:February 9th, 2021

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