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Valheim – How to Craft Wolf Armor

Craft this wonderful armor if you want to stop freezing as you explore the Mountains.

by Victor Vellas


Through the many biomes of Valheim, there is a certain place that is exceptionally hard to explore, without some warm gear like the Wolf Armor. That would be the Mountains, a chilling area with enormous amount of snow and low temperatures. In case you are not able to heat up your body, you will eventually freeze to death. Here is where our beloved Wolf Armor comes in handy. It also just looks really cool.

Getting ready for farming everything needed for the Wolf Armor.

Like many other craftable items, the blueprint for this specific armor is unlocked when you gather its main ingredient, which in our case would be Silver. The specific resource is rather troublesome to find, but totally worth it. It is located in underground areas of the Mountain biome, which means we have a lot of digging to do. Not only that, but since we don’t have the Wolf Armor yet, it is mandatory to find other ways to withstand the cold while we are searching for Silver.

There are two main ways you can fight back the cold. The first one is the odd one of the bunch, but in my opinion, the most approachable. You can set multiple Campfires and Bonfires, one after the other, so you can create a trail of them. By doing so, by the time you start freezing you should reach the next Campfire and reverse the debuff right away. Since the materials needed for such objects are not hard to find and you should have hundreds of them by this point, I believe this is the easiest way.

Due to resource management, the second method can be costy. You can simply create a lot of Frost Resistance Meads, by throwing in a Cauldron Frost Resistance Mead Base and then putting it in a Fermenter. All of this process requires a lot of ingredients though, so just for the sake of time, I try to avoid it.

How to craft the Wolf Armor.

In any case, both methods can do the trick so pick one and start heading for the underground. Before you do, also make sure you have an Iron Pickaxe with you and a Wishbone. The first one you need in order to mine Silver. The second is our luxurious way of locating the rare ore, and you can get it from Bonemass, Swamp’s biome Boss.

Activate your Wishbone and start traversing the map. The moment a green glow comes out of your character, that’s when you need to start digging downwards, until you find the Silver vein and mine it with the Pickaxe. You need to repeat this quite a lot, since the Wolf Armor does need a few of them. To be precise:

  • Wolf Armor Chest – 20 Silver/ 5 Wolf Pelts/ 1 Chain
  • Wolf Armor Legs – 20 Silver/ 5 Wolf Pelts/ 4 Wolf Fangs
  • Wolf Armor Cape – 4 Silver/ 6 Wolf Pelts/ 1 Wolf Trophy

There you have it, everything you need in order to create the furry Wolf Armor. An extremely useful tip: Craft the Cape first! Out of the 3, only the Cape is needed to stop the harsh weather conditions, so it is highly suggested to craft that one first, in order to help out your farming for the rest of the pieces. This is an odd choice, on development’s side, so it could be something the team overlooked. We will see in future updates. For the time being, enjoy your new Wolf Armor!

Valheim is now available through Steam Early Access.


- This article was updated on:February 10th, 2021

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