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Valheim: How to Make Bronze

Bronze tools are incredibly efficient.

by Diego Perez


Bronze is a great material to use for tools in Valheim, but you don’t have access to it at the start of the game. You’ll have to make a decent amount of progress in Valheim and construct a few different crafting stations before you’re able to make Bronze, but it’s more than worth the effort it takes. You can make many things with it, like a Bronze Pickaxe or armor. Here’s how to make bronze in Valheim.

How to Make Bronze in Valheim

These are the basic steps to make Bronze in Valheim.

  1. Harvest Copper and Tin ore.
  2. Smelt the ore into ingots.
  3. Combine the ingots at a Forge to make Bronze.

To make bronze in Valheim, you need a Smelter and a Forge. A Smelter can be crafted using 20 Stone and 5 Surtling Cores. Stone can be found everywhere, but Surtling Cores can only be found in the Burial Chambers of the Black Forest biome. You won’t be able to access this area until you defeat the game’s first boss, Eikthyr. A Forge can be crafted using 6 Copper, 10 Wood, 4 Stone, and 4 Coal.


Once you’ve built a Smelter, you need to gather additional materials to create Bronze. Bronze is made by combining Copper and Tin, so you’ll need to do a bit of mining. You’ll need an Antler Pickaxe for this process, which can be crafted using parts from Eikthyr. With your pickaxe in hand, set out and look for Copper and Tin ore. Copper can be found in the Black Forest biome and has a greenish color to it. Tin can be found near water and has a very shiny appearance.

Bring the raw ore back to your base and throw it in your Smelter to create Copper and Tin ingots. When you smelt both ingots for the first time, you’ll unlock the Bronze recipe. Once the recipe is unlocked, you can combine the two metals at your Forge to make Bronze. One Bronze ingot requires two Copper ingots and one Tin ingot, so be sure to stock up on these materials when you’re in the Black Forest.

Valheim is available now on PC. The game is currently in Steam Early Access and will remain in early access for at least one year.

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