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Valheim – How to Summon and Beat the Final Boss

Your journey led you to this point, so let's break down the final boss of the game.

by Victor Vellas


You’ve faced a lot of unique and dangerous creatures in Valheim, amongst them being the four previous bosses of the game, each of them providing a different challenge. From the electrifying Eikthur to the poisonous headache called Bonemass, it is now time to tackle the final boss of this Early Access game, Yagluth.

Yagluth is literally a giant skeleton-like abomination, with only an upper body crawling to the surface. A bright violet-ish glow emits from inside his body, indicating his huge magical prowess. He is indeed the last boss of the game, without this fact being final though, since Valheim is still in development. We may see some more biomes later on, with more bosses in them, but for now let us take a look at the final challenge this title has in store for us.

How to summon Yagluth, the final Boss

In contrast to other bosses, the items needed for summoning Yagluth can be found in its own biome, without the need of backtracking much. The Plains is the area he resides in, and the required items for calling him are Fuling Totems. Five of them to be precise, that you need to place in the altar that’s within a ‘palm’-like formation of Stones, found within this biome. They resemble a hand coming out of the ground, so it is hard to miss it.

Fuling Totems can of course be looted from Fuling monsters respectively. Fuling Shamans in particular, who are a rare breed of this type, are the ones that guarantee a totem drop with each kill.

How to beat Yagluth

Yagluth hits hard, VERY hard. But, fortunately he is extremely slow as well with a few telegraphed attacks you can avoid. This automatically means one thing, that kiting is a great option for handling this final Boss. Don’t think you are safe though just for having some distance between him and you, as his attacks can still reach you in certain ways.

Each of his attacks have a distinct animation and glow. While raising his hand to attack you, if it glows blue, it means that he is readying up an AOE ground smash, which is his melee option of hitting you. Simply back away and try to avoid it. If his fist glows orange, then get ready for a meteor attack, which can hit you even at range. Take cover to evade the meteor shower, by hiding behind objects. The pillars of the ‘hand’ where you summoned him are actually a good suggestion of such objects to hide behind. Lastly, his final skill is a literal fire breath, which looks scary as hell. It is thrown out in a straight line, with him strafing sideways as long as it lasts. Make sure to avoid this by running alongside his head.

With his abilities broke down, we now need to process our attack plan. The safest route would be to grab the strongest bow and arrow you have available, and rain hell to him. If you haven’t been into ranged combat much, then my personal suggestion would be either spears or a dagger. The Black Metal variants of each are the best pick, so pick whichever you want. The reason I’m suggesting these, is because against Yagluth, you need to utilize a hit ‘n run tactic, otherwise you’ll be squashed by his attacks. Both of these weapon are fast, so simply get in, stab-stab-stab, then run for your life. Rinse and repeat until you defeat him.

Now here is the deal. After you destroy this giant half skeleton, his Trophy of course drops, and another item which is yet unnamed. Here it is where Valheim reminds you it is still unfinished and in development. The team behind this excellent title is still creating assets for the game, so Yagluth is the first softwall we are going to hit, until more content is available. Considering the game’s huge success, I doubt this is going to take much longer. Congratulations for reaching this far.

Valheim is now available through Steam Early Access.


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