Valkyrie Elysium Trophy List: All Trophies and How to Unlock Them

Check out how to unlock all trophies on Valkyrie Elysium!

by Franklin Bellone Borges


Valkyre Elysium puts players in the shoes of a new Valkyrie, as she must rise among the ruin of the world in an effort to avoid the end. With that said, for the delight of all Trophy hunters, the game features a pretty straightforward trophy list. But how many trophies does Valkyrie Elysium have, and more importantly, how can you unlock each of them?

  • This article contains spoilers regarding the ending of Valkyrie Elysium, as well as its bosses.

Valkyrie Elysium Trophy List: All Trophies and How to Unlock Them

In total, you can earn 46 trophies in Valkyrie Elysium, which can be earned by performing specific actions, unlocking all collectibles and skills, mastering all weapons, and seeing all endings. It is also important to point out that transferring your data from the demo will automatically unlock all trophies earned there.

With that said, here’s the full Valkyrie Elysium trophy list, as well as how to unlock each individual trophy:

  • Creator: Unlock every Trophy.
  • Divinity Anew: Complete the game’s tutorial.
  • Valkyrie, Claimer of Souls: Complete the first chapter.
  • Champions of the Divine: Complete the second chapter.
  • An Unexpected Reunion: Complete the third chapter.
  • Victims of the Gods: Complete the fourth chapter.
  • Those Offered the Hand of Salvation: Complete the fifth chapter.
  • Evil Arises: Complete the sixth chapter.
  • Metamorphosis & Doubt: Complete the seventh chapter.
  • The Truth Unmasked: Complete the eighth chapter.
  • The Fate of the World: Complete the ninth chapter.
  • Twilight of the All-Father: Defeat Odin.
  • Twilight of the Great Wolf: Defeat Fenrir.
  • A Momentary Escape: Agreed to Armand’s Offer.
  • Unbound Possibilities: Unlock and complete all available endings.
  • Talk of the Dead: Complete a subquest.
  • Icon of the Dead: Complete 10 subquests.
  • Superstar of the Dead: Complete 20 subquests.
  • Savior of the Dead: Complete all subquests.
  • A Loyal Servant: Achieve an S Rank on any quest.
  • The All Father’s Right Hand: Get an S Rank on all quests (main and sub).
  • An Impure Soul: Purify a monster.
  • An Impure Beast: Purity a Naglfar.
  • Combo Master: Perform a 300-hit Combo.
  • Pitfall: Kill an enemy by throwing them into a pit or from a cliff.
  • Lightning Strike: Kill two enemies with one Lightning Bolt.
  • Soul Burst: Strike an enemy with a Soul Burst level 3.
  • Soul Steal: Perform a Soul Steal while on the air.
  • Nibelung Valest: Land a Nibelung Valest level 1 attack.
  • Vestige of a Soul: Obtain a Hollow Blossom.
  • Beyond Reminiscence: Obtain every Hollow Blossom.
  • A Mysterious Flower: Obtain a Verdant Blossom.
  • Truth of the Gods: Obtain all Verdant Blossoms.
  • Rune Novice: Get a Ruin.
  • Rune Master: Obtain every Rune in the game.
  • Weapons Collector: Get every weapon (Pre-order and Deluxe Edition bonuses do not count).
  • Anvil Master: Fully upgrade all weapons.
  • Weapons Master: Reach SSS proficiency with every weapon.
  • Arts Master: Unlock all Divine Arts.
  • Skill Master: Learn all skills.
  • Commanding Master: Learn all Einherjar skills.
  • Elysumania: Unlock all items.
  • Affinity of a Soul: Discover an Einherjar Memory.
  • Fellowship of Souls: Discover all Einherjar Memories.
  • Mid-Tier God: Complete the game on Normal.
  • High-Tier God: Complete the game on Hard.

Valkyrie Elysium is set to be released on September 29, 2022, exclusively for the PlayStation 5 and the PlayStation 4. The game’s PC version is set to be released on November 11, 2022, exclusively on Steam.

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