Valorant Agent Unlock Guide: How to Unlock Characters for Free

I just need another initiator.

by J.T. Isenhour


Valorant is constantly compared to CS:GO but does have one glaring difference. That being the agent selection and needing to unlock new agents to use them in Valorant. Compared to having to buy grenades and smokes, you have to buy abilities that are specific to your agent. This means you need to find an agent that perfectly fits your playstyle. This can be difficult because you don’t have all agents unlocked from the start. To try out a new agent in-game you will need to unlock them which can take time. However, let’s go over how you can unlock agents for free.

How to Unlock Agents for Free in Valorant

Normally you have two ways you can unlock an agent in Valorant. The first way is to simply buy them with real money. It will cost you 1,000 Valorant Points to buy an agent which is $10. The other way to unlock an agent is to take on their contract. Agent contracts are like 10 tier battle passes, that can be started and stopped at any time. It does take a decent amount of time to complete these contracts but you only need to get to tier five to unlock the agent.


There is one final way to unlock a new agent, however, it is only available to new players. As a new player, you will get two free agent unlocks that can be used to instantly make an agent’s contract complete through tier five. You are not just given these unlocks when you first boot up the game. You need to play a bit and get a feel for what kind of agents you want. You are given a free agent unlock at level five and another one at level 10. If only it was this easy to level up your character stats in Tiny Tina’s wonderlands.

When you are going to complete an agent’s contract you do get a little more than just the agent as a reward. Each agent contract gives a few sprays, a title, and a player card as you climb to tier five. Since many players will want to quit an agent contract at tier five, tiers six through 10 have slightly better rewards. These are a gun buddy, an agent spray, another title, and finally a weapon skin. All of these rewards are themed around the agent you are going to unlock. If you need any more help with Valorant make sure to check out our other guides.

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