Valorant: Best Sova Icebox Lineups and Setups

Get ready to dominate your breeze matches with these lineups.

by Malik Hamza Rashid
Valorant Icebox
Image: Riot Games

Valorant’s Icebox is not an easy map to play on. With two spike sites, it’s the only map with an enclosed A site. Icebox is favored towards attackers, making it difficult for defenders to operate. However, Sova is the only one who can turn things around. To help you out, here are the best Sova Icebox lineups and setups.

What are the best Sova Icebox Lineups and Setups?

I like to play these setups with Sova on Icebox.

A Main – Double Shock Dart

I think taking out your enemies at A Main without them seeing it coming can really boost your team’s chances of winning. So, to do some real damage, stand next to the outer edge of the generator. For the first arrow, aim at the hardline before you. Fire with two bars of charge and two bounces. For your second arrow, fire at the outer corner of the wall before you near the top. 

Deep A – Recon Bolt

Image: attackofthefanboy

Go stand in the corner between the generator and the wall. Aim your crosshair at the middle of the darkwave wall in front of you. Fire a recon bolt with three bars of charge and two bounces. The arrow will land in A Main, revealing enemies at the site. 

A Pipes – Double Shock Darts

I like to use this trick for dealing with enemies at A Pipes. Go stand next to the boxes at A site. Line your crosshair with the third metal pipe on the floor. Fire with two bounces and one bar of charge. For the second arrow,  aim right above the light. Fire with one bounce and one bar of charge. Remember to jump for this shot. It’ll take care of your opponents trying to sneak up the pipes. 

Mid Control – Recon Bolt

Image: attackofthefanboy

Defending mid is easier on Icebox since it’s closer to the B site. Stand at the edge of the wall in the middle. Aim at the light you see in the distance. Fire with max charge and one bounce. The arrow will show you all enemies pushing up the mid. 

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Orb B – Double Shock Darts

Stand in front of entrance 2 on mid-ramp. Get as close as possible to the snow-covered barrels. For the first arrow, aim your crosshair at one of the stars in the sky. Fire with two bars of charge and no bounce. For the second arrow, aim at the outer edge of the building on your right. Fire with one bar of charge. 

B Site – Recon Bolt

For this one, stand close to the hut near B Snowman. Line the charge lines of the second bar with the edge of the ceiling before you. Fire with one bar of charge and no bounce. The arrow will land on the crane on the top of B Cubby, revealing any enemies trying to make a sneaky entrance. 

Remember practice is key. Make sure you make the best of the offline mode so you can pull off these shots flawlessly. 

- This article was updated on November 20th, 2023