Valorant: How to Unlock Fade for Free

by J.T. Isenhour


With the end of Valorant Act 2 coming tomorrow, many players are getting excited for the new agent coming with Act 3. Fade has had quite the hype leading up to her release, with the leak of her information and the addition of the underground bunker in the firing range. Her official trailer has already dropped showing off her abilities and many players are looking forward to adding her to their roster of Valorant agents. You do have a few methods of acquiring a new agent in Valorant, so let’s go over how you can get Fade for free as soon as she releases.

How to Get Fade for Free in Valorant

We have already gone over who to unlock agents for free in Valorant, and you can use the same methods to unlock Fade once she comes out. The way you unlock any agent in Valorant is by getting the agent’s contract battle pass to tier five. The method you use to get those five tiers can vary. Currently, there are three different ways you can get to tier five of the agent’s contract. One way is to simply buy the five tiers that you need, but you can only do this with premium currency.


The second method to unlock agents is free to do but can only be done twice. As you level up a newer Valorant account you will be given two agent unlocks for free. You can use these to instantly unlock the first five tiers of any agent’s contract and if you happen to have saved them you will be able to use them on Fade’s contract. The final way to unlock new agents is the most obvious, just active their contract and play the game normally.

While playing normally will take a while to get the agent, it is the only free way to do it if you have a higher-level account. If you wait to finish your weekly missions, you can get a huge boost in progress on Fade’s contract as soon as she comes out. If you need any more help with Valorant make sure to check out our other guides.



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