Warcraft Rumble Best Baron Build

Best talents, ability, and deck for Baron Rivendare in Warcraft Rumble.

by Cassidy Lovell
Image: Blizzard

Baron Rivendare, Bane of the Scarlet Crusade, is one of many leader options in Blizzard Entertainment’s newest game, Warcraft Rumble.

With numerous customization options and strategic depth, optimizing your build is crucial for emerging victorious in both PVE and PVP. Here are our recommendations for creating the best Baron Rivendare build in Warcraft Rumble.

Best Baron Rivendare Build for Warcraft Rumble

Best Talent

Image: Blizzard

If Baron is your first leader, upon reaching 20 sigils, you’ll be prompted to select a talent. Otherwise, talent selection occurs when upgrading your leader to uncommon. Pick carefully– you can’t change this talent until you upgrade to rare! Here are Baron’s three available talents:

  • Chill of the Grave summons Skeletal Mages instead of Skeletal Warriors.
  • Death Pact sacrifices nearby Skeletons for healing.
  • Skeletal Frenzy grants nearby allied skeletons bloodlust.

We recommend Chill of the Grave, as the upgrade from warriors to mages is substantial. Your skeletons will go from mild nuisance to worthy foe! Additionally, Baron’s built-in leader ability, Army of the Dead, will periodically summon skeletons at buildings you control. This is an excellent passive utility as it will help overwhelm your enemy and gain map control.

Best Deck

For this deck, we’re focusing on enhancing Baron’s ability to overwhelm his opponent with continuous summons. However, don’t be afraid to switch it up depending on your opponent, their playstyle, and their deck! We recommend:

  • Necromancer. Costs four gold to summon. Necromancer will summon additional skeleton units, passively increasing the number of minis on the field and adding to the pressure on your opponent.
  • Ghoul. Costs two gold to summon. Ghoul is a low-cost mini that tanks fairly well and can replenish its health!
  • Quilboar. Costs two gold to summon. Another low-cost mini that helps support our main fighters and big damage dealers. This mini is unbound, meaning he can be placed anywhere on the map!
  • Gargoyle. Costs four gold to summon. Gargoyles are siege specialists, meaning they only attack buildings and bosses– try not to send your Gargoyle in alone!
  • Blizzard. Costs four gold to summon. Slows and deals AoE damage to enemies. It works great for stopping or slowing big pushes from your opponent.
  • Harpies. Costs three gold to summon. Since Baron and many of our other minis are weak to squad units, we need one of our own! Harpies are swift and lethal and can devastate single-target enemies. 

If you find yourself lacking in AoE, try swapping in S.A.F.E Pilot or Huntress. If you’ve yet to unlock Gargoyle, you can swap him out for another siege specialist or tank.

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Why Pick Baron?

Baron is fast, armored, and tanky. With incoming damage reduction and an initial health of 1040, he’s an overall solid choice for a leader. He costs four gold to play, making him slightly more expensive than some of the other leaders, like Jaina and Razorflank, but the cost is definitely worth it. 

- This article was updated on November 15th, 2023

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