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Warframe: How to Check Wayback Stats

Take a nostalgia trip by checking your personal Warframe stats

by Victor Vellas


Warframe is celebrating its 8 Year Anniversary in a number of ways, from earning free goodies to special events/quests to complete, and another very interesting feature they introduced as part of this instance is the Warframe Wayback Stats system, which allows everyone to check their personal Warframe stats from since they started the game. Your Top 3 Warframes used, weapons, enemies taken out and a whole lot more can be looked at through this mechanic. So let’s see how you can visit your own Wayback Stats page.

How to check Wayback Stats in Warframe

In contrast to what the subtitle indicates, you can’t check those stats through inside the game itself. Digital Extremes created a brand new website and page, just for this feature alone. The Warframe Wayback Stats site is what you are looking for here, and by clicking on this provided link, you will be redirected over there right away. If you scroll down on that page, you will be able to see your own stats at the very bottom of it.

A lot of info can be found right from the get go, like favorite weapons, your most used Warframes, the day you actually started playing the game, total in-game time and a lot of other staff that it’s nice to look back at, to see how much you have progressed in Warframe. Wayback Stats is one of those features that we didn’t know how much we needed, up until now that we actually got it.

Also, you can claim your free 8 Year Anniversary Glyph, by simply clicking the button. Check below your stats panel on the same page, and you should be able to find it as it’s the last section of this website. As a bonus, you can even download the whole graphics chart of your stats and post them anywhere you like to either brag or just for fun. A lot of Tenno already have long conversations about their own history with Warframe, so why not trying it out for yourself?

Don’t forget that the Anniversary Event is still ongoing, with lots of free stuff being given away every week. Warframe is available on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC. For more related content about the game, make sure to check our list of articles right here.


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