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Warframe – Railjack Customization Guide

Pimp your ride like it's the early 2000s.

by Brandon Adams


Everyone knows the true endgame in Warframe is FashionFrame, so it’s only natural DE added customization for your Railjack. In this portion of our Railjack guide series I’ll walk you through the available options.

Railjack customization can be accessed from the Configure console in your dry dock.

At the Configure console in your dry dock you can access the customization menu, which is the sixth and final tab available. You’ll be given a wide view of your Railjack, and from here you can change a few things.

The first thing you can do is rename your ship, which will show up on the exterior of the hull for all to see. Do note that the two skins available for purchase via Plat can block portions of the name, and no foul language is allowed (DE’s overzealous filter is in play here). After that you can place a decal on your Railjack, which is pulled from the emblems you have unlocked (though, you can purchase others from this menu as well). This is followed by skins – there are only two on offer right now and they do cost Plat, but expect more to be added in the future.

Wear and Tear is what it says on the tin: it changes how beat up or pristine your Railjack looks. On the far left you’ll find a perfect Railjack, and it’ll become more haggard as you move the slider to the right.

Below this are the colors, which are pulled from your unlocked color palettes. This works exactly like coloring your frames and weapons, though you can use the All Colors option to pick one color for all of the listed options. Coloring your Railjack doesn’t end here, though, because on the bottom right is a Toggle Interior button that will allow you to set the colors your crew will see most often. Both interior and exterior colors can be randomized either by the shuffle button next to the slot you wanna randomize, or via a Randomize All button on the bottom of the screen. Be sure to hit back when done: sometimes the game bugs out and doesn’t save your selections if you use escape or the back button on controller.

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- This article was updated on:January 2nd, 2020

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