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Warframe Update 29.7.0 Patch Notes – Nightwave: Intermission 3

Grab some of the previous Nightwave rewards you may have missed.

by Brandon Adams


Warframe Update 29.7.0 deploys the Nightwave Intermission for Series 3 to all platforms (except the Nintendo Switch). Those of you who may have missed out on some of Series 3’s rewards (or decided to avoid the whole Glassmaker saga due to how long it was) have a chance to earn some of them during Nightwave Intermission 3. Don’t worry if you already have these items in Warframe: there’s a new Duplicate Protection system in place that will award 50 Creds to those who already have the unique items from previous Nightwave series in the rewards track.

Warframe Update 29.7.0 Patch Notes – Nightwave: Intermission 3

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you Nightwave: Intermission 3!

Intermission III brings new Acts, previous Nightwave rewards including 2 Umbra Forma, new “well-loved” Floofs in Cred Offerings!

Nihil’s Oubliette

Nihil may have been contained, but he is still a threatening presence… as well as the owner of a unique weapon. Players have asked how they may be able to repeat their fight with Nihil and acquire the Vitrica in the future – and the answer is it will all be making a return. Stay tuned for the final plans!



  • Surf’s Up!
    • Kill 20 Enemies while riding a K-Drive
  • Reanimator
    • Find and pilot a Fallen Necramech on Deimos
  • Ancient Obelisk
    • Activate a Requiem Obelisk on Deimos


  • Vault Hunting
    • Do an Isolation Bounty
  • Feed the Beast
    • Feed the Helminth any Resource
  • Necralizer
    • Kill 100 enemies with a Necramech


  • Cold Steel
    • Kill 1000 Enemies on The Steel Path
  • Resource Scavenger
    • Collect 20 different type of Resources
  • The Path Less Traveled
    • Complete 5 Steel Path Missions


Intermission rewards are sometimes a repeat of the previous Nightwave series, and while newer players might delight in getting some of these new items, we wanted to add a way for it to still be rewarding for returning Dreamers! We accomplish this by giving a 50 Nightwave Intermission Credit reward instead of a previously owned item. This does not apply to items such as Warframe Slots, or consumable items (such as Forma), but rather for owned, unique items such as previous Nightwave Cosmetics.

Warframe Update 29.7.0 General Changes:

  • Added Lavos Cordatus, Mag Gauss, Protea Mavv, Protea Telema, and Xaku Kintsu Helmet Blueprints to the Nightwave Store rotation.

It’s no secret that Nightwave: The Glassmaker lasted much longer than we had hoped. As mentioned on Warframe Devstream #151, the next Nightwave installment will be dramatically simpler to shift narrative focus to The New War and beyond.

PC Fixes

  • Fixed Railjack Navigation map not releasing drag functionality when a dialog appears resulting in odd camera movements.
  • Fixed hearing multiple equip sounds with increasing volume when equipping a Warframe with an Exalted weapon.
  • Fixed Baruuk’s Desolate Hands dagger projectile sounds becoming repetitious over time.
  • Fixed Teralyst spawn sound being overly loud.
  • Fixed all mentions of “joystick” for Fr/Es/Tr localization.

Console Orphix Venom Changes and Fixes

We’ve rebalanced the Orphix Venom scoring Trophy threshold to accommodate the lower AI cap for consoles, a change made to aid in performance heavy events (Scarlet Spear, etc). As a result, console Tenno cannot achieve the same high-score as PC Tenno, making the Clan Trophy acquisition unnecessarily difficult. As a result, we’ve halved the Trophy scoring requirements:

  • Ghost
    • Terracotta: 695
    • Bronze: 2930
    • Silver: 6960
    • Gold: 9425
  • Shadow
    • Terracotta: 1755
    • Bronze: 11137
    • Silver: 34560
    • Gold: 68625
  • Storm
    • Terracotta: 5850
    • Bronze: 37125
    • Silver: 115200
    • Gold: 228750
  • Mountain
    • Terracotta: 17550
    • Bronze: 111375
    • Silver: 345600
    • Gold: 686250
  • Moon
    • Terracotta: 58500
    • Bronze: 371250
    • Silver: 1152000
    • Gold: 2287500


  • Fixed inability to use Railjack navigation if the mission failed.
  • Fixed seeing a ‘PROXY CONNECTION DETECTED’ message while playing Operation: Orphix Venom.

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