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Watch Dogs: Legion – How to Get A Hitman

Find a hitman to boost your team's offensive capabilities.

by Diego Perez


Trying to find a professional hitman in Watch Dogs: Legion? The game lets you recruit just about anyone right off the street, but a hitman will be a much more capable DedSec operative than the average person. Finding a hitman is tough if you’re just scanning people randomly, and you might not even find a hitman with your desired skillset if you do come across one. Thankfully, there is a 100% guaranteed way to get a professional hitman very early in the game, giving you the chance to kickstart your rebellion with a very useful operative. Here’s how to get a hitman in Watch Dogs: Legion.

How to Get a Hitman in Watch Dogs Legion

The easiest way to get a hitman in Watch Dogs: Legion is to make the Nine Elms borough defiant by completing optional objectives within the area. This borough is located in the southwest portion of the map, and you will unlock a mission called The Black Hole of Battersea once you finish the district’s objectives. After finishing this mission, a professional hitman will join your team.

The hitman that ends up joining your team will be completely random and different for each player, but their overall skillset should remain the same for everyone. A professional hitman tends to carry a Desert Eagle pistol and a G36 assault rifle, which are two of the most powerful guns in the game. They can also perform Gunkata takedowns, which allows them to perform takedowns on aware enemies from the front as long as they have a gun equipped. Also, professional hitmen can dodge roll by double-tapping the climb button.


You can also find a hitman just by scanning random people. Eventually, you will come across a hitman, but this profession is very rare. It’s best to use the method described above if you want a surefire way of obtaining one. If you spend time scanning the citizens of London, however, you’re likely to find at least one or two skilled operatives to fill in any gaps your team may have.

Watch Dogs: Legion is available now on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia. The game is also coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S when those systems launch in early November.

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