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Watch Dogs: Legion – How to Open Locked Access Points

No door shall stand between Dedsec and the liberation of London!

by Brandon Adams


Watch Dogs: Legion features quite a bit of hacking, and you’ll need to channel your inner cyber nerd to bypass locked access points. With the tap of a button on your smartphone you can open damn near everything, except those pesky locked access points and doors. Never fear! There’s a handful of easy ways to crack them open, depending on how they are locked.

Access Points in Watch Dogs: Legion are unlocked one of three ways.

There are three ways to unlock access points and doors that are sealed in Watch Dogs: Legion, and the exact locking method determines which of the three you’ll need to overcome. Whenever you highlight a locked access point or door you’ll see an icon on the screen (because everything in near-future London has a screen attached).

A lightning bolt indicates you’ll need to interact or destroy a red power terminal. If you see a keycard (with a key on it) then you’ll need to hunt down and download the access key. Finally, if you find a diamond with four holes in it you’ll need to solve a dataflow puzzle to crack open the locked access point or door.

The red power terminals are perhaps the easiest to bypass. Either scan the area (V/R3), or hold down the Hack button (Middle-Mouse Wheel/LB) to bring the red power lines connecting the door/access point to the terminal into view. Follow these to the terminal and either hack or destroy it to gain access. Most of these require some finesse to reach, but can be hacked with a spiderbot.


The keycard works in a similar manner, but instead of generating red power lines, your scan/hack will highlight the actual key on the minimap and in the world. Track it down, and when near it “hack” the key to download it. It’s not uncommon for a grunt to be carrying the key, so either remain in stealth nearby, or neutralize the goon and download the key once they’re incapacitated.

The diamond puzzles are the most complicated to solve, but can be made easier with a toggle in the Accessibility menu. The basic idea is simple: you’ll see red “dataflow” lines leading from a source towards the locked door, and you need to rotate a handful of nodes in the room to turn the path blue. These, like the terminal locks, are often out of reach, so you’ll need to either hack a camera in the room to interact with the puzzle, or deploy a spiderbot.

- This article was updated on:October 28th, 2020

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