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Watch Dogs: Legion – Where to find All Pig Masks

Pig in the big city

by Abdul Saad


Watch Dogs: Legion is the latest installment in Ubisoft’s hacking centered open-world, action-adventure series. In Watch Dogs: Legion, players have the option to equip a variety of masks. There are many masks hidden around the game, some of which are harder to track than others. One such mask is the Pig mask, which comes in three varieties found in three locations throughout the game. This guide will show you where to find each of them.

Where to find All Pig Masks

The first Pig mask is the easiest to locate and can be found in the Safehouse up a set of stairs. Walk past some servers and unto a catwalk and you’ll find a blue box with the first mask inside.

The next Pig mask can be found in London, specifically Roberts and Hall, which is next to a bridge. To locate the mask, walk into the building through the front doors and turn right, where you’ll find a small house-like area. You won’t be able to go in and fetch the mask inside, so you’ll need to use your spider bot to fetch it. Once you deploy the bot, you should find the mask near the corner of the area.

The last mask is admittedly the trickiest to get and can be found in Broca Tech in Westminster. Broca Tech is a restricted area. As such, it is heavily guarded, so it is advisable to use your spider bot once more to access it. The mask can be located behind the area up a flight of stairs and on top of some barrels.

To equip your newly acquired masks, head to your Safehouse once more and select the masks tab in the character customization portal to find all three of them.

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