What is the Best Class for Yunaka in Fire Emblem Engage?


by Franklin Bellone Borges

Among the wide array of playable characters available in Fire Emblem Engage, both missable or automatically unlockable, Yunaka can be considered one of the best flex units, also known as jacks of all trades. But what is the best class for Yunaka? Now, in order to help you bring out her full potential, no matter the difficulty you are playing, here’s the best class for Yunaka in Fire Emblem Engage.

What is the Best Class for Yunaka in Fire Emblem Engage?

As her biggest strengths lie in her high Speed, Dexterity, and Resistance, the best class for Yunaka is without a shadow of a doubt Thief, which is also her default one. The Special Class is our main choice thanks to the way it will potentialize Yunaka’s innate ability to score critical hits, all while also giving her the ability to rush past foes and go straight for the kill once raised to level 25.

With that said, Emblem-wise, we would recommend that you make use of rings capable of empowering her even further through an even bigger increase in Crit, Dexterity, and overall non-critical damage, like Byleth or Lyn. While Byleth is our main choice for the way the ring will increase her already above-average Luck, while also allowing her to perform even more crits and provide other units with buffs, Lyn shines for her ability to further power up Yunaka’s speed and overall utility.

Yunaka can also work as a secondary healer thanks to the use of her default Emblem Micaiah, although using the ring is not recommended in the latter stages of the game, given that it can work and synergize way better with other units, such as Celine and Framme.

How to Unlock Byleth and Lyn in Fire Emblem Engage

You will unlock Byleth automatically after completing the game’s 14th chapter. Lyn, on the other hand, will be unlocked after completing the game’s 11th chapter.

You can play Fire Emblem Engage right now, exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on January 27th, 2023