Fire Emblem Engage Framme Guide: Best Class, Gifts, Team Comp, Build

Here's how to get Framme on your side.

by Diego Perez

Framme is one of the earliest characters that you will recruit in Fire Emblem Engage, and despite her low stats, her starting role as a Martial Monk is immensely useful in the early stages of the game. As a 33rd generation Steward of the Dragon, she has cared for Alear alongside her brother Clanne her entire life. Now that the Divine Dragon has awoken, she fights alongside Alear as one of the first units they recruit. Here’s everything you need to know to make the most out of Framme on your Fire Emblem Engage team, including the best class and gifts for her.

How to Recruit Framme in Fire Emblem Engage

Framme is recruited automatically at the start of Chapter 2 along with her brother, Clanne. The second chapter of Fire Emblem Engage also grants you access to plenty of other units, giving you a sizable squad at the start of the game.

Best Class for Framme

While Framme begins the game as a Martial Monk, she can eventually become either a Martial Master or High Priest. While both classes use staves and come equipped with support skills, the former is more aggressive while the latter is more defensive.


The best class for Framme will depend on your overall team composition and the roles you have chosen for your other units, but Martial Master seems to be the better of the two choices. Its ability, Diffuse Healer, allows Framme to heal groups of units at the same time with her staff. The High Priest’s ability only allows for Framme to target herself with a staff, which isn’t nearly as useful. The High Priest can use stronger magic though, so weigh your options carefully.

Best Team Composition for Framme

Because of her support role, Framme fits in with any and all team compositions as long as you make sure she stays in your back line. She has very low HP compared to beefier armored units, so she shouldn’t be taking many attacks from enemies. This is especially true if you turn her into a High Priest.


The one thing to keep in mind is Framme’s personal skill, Crimson Cheer, which increases her Avoidance stat by 10 when she’s next to Alear. That bonus applies to Alear as well, making them a great pair on the battlefield.

Best Gifts for Framme in Fire Emblem Engage

Thankfully, Framme likes most of the gifts in the game and has very few dislikes. Here are all the gifts that Framme loves:

  • Training Weights
  • Muscle Balm
  • Dragon Scripture
  • Strong Perfume
  • Quality Kerchief
  • Sun Visor
  • Chrysanthemum
  • Flower Wreath
  • Antler Earrings
  • Lovely Candle
  • Spirit Gem

Here are all the gifts that Framme hates. Don’t give these to her under any circumstances.

  • Philosophy Book
  • Elyos Book
  • Spooky Scroll
  • Horse Manure

Fire Emblem Engage is available now on Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on January 24th, 2023

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