How Many Chapters are in Fire Emblem Engage?

Check out how many chapters are featured in the game's main storyline.

by Franklin Bellone Borges

Fire Emblem Engage is here, allowing players to finally have a go at the latest installment in the acclaimed tactic JRPG franchise. which this time features a storyline filled with familiar faces, as well as a handful of improvements when compared to the series’ previous main installments. But how many chapters does the game have? Now, in order to help you dive into it fully prepared, here’s how many chapters are featured in the main storyline of Fire emblem Engage.

How Many Chapters are in Fire Emblem Engage?

Fire Emblem Engage features a total of 26 Chapters plus a Prologue, each of which can be completed in around 1 hour+ depending on your difficulty and mode of choice. The game also features a series of 15 different Paralogues (or side missions). In true Fire Emblem fashion, Fire Emblem Engage features a linear storyline.

You can check out the title of each of the available chapters below:

  • Prologue: The Emblems.
  • Chapter 1: Awake at Last
  • Chapter 2: Queen Lumera
  • Chapter 3: Hostilities
  • Chapter 4: A Land in Bloom.
  • Chapter 5: Retaking the Castle.
  • Chapter 6: The Stolen Ring.
  • Chapter 7: Dark Emblem.
  • Chapter 8: The Kingdom of Might.
  • Chapter 9: A Clash of Forces.
  • Chapter 10: The Fell Dragon Sobron
  • Chapter 11: Retreat
  • Chapter 12: The Sentinels
  • Chapter 13: The Heroes of the Oasis
  • Chapter 14: The Battle for the Solm.
  • Chapter 15: Dancer in the Ruins
  • Chapter 16: Seashore Travels
  • Chapter 17: Serenity in Ruin
  • Chapter 18: The Cold Voyage
  • Chapter 19: The Dead Town
  • Chapter 20: The Kingless Castle
  • Chapter 21: The Return
  • Chapter 22: The Fell and the Divine.
  • Chapter 23: The Four Hounds.
  • Chapter 24: Recollections
  • Chapter 25: The Final Guardian
  • Chapter 26: The Last Engage

Now that you know how many chapters Fire emblem Engage features, don’t forget to also check out how to craft and meld bond rings, as well as whether or not the game features missable characters.

You can play Fire Emblem Engage right now, exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on January 22nd, 2023

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