What is the World Record for Subway Surfers? Answered

What's the highest score ever reached in Subway Surfers?

by Drew Kopp

Subway Surfers is a charming and addictive endless running game that has kept mobile gamers glued to their phones for over a decade. Like other games in its genre, the game only ends when you get a game over, and players have ramped up some impressive scores over the years.

Your Subway Surfers score can climb to enormous heights when you get a good flow going, driving many mobile gamers to wonder how high it can get. For all the Subway Skaters wondering, here’s the exact number of the Subway Surfers world record.

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What’s the Highest Score Ever Recorded in Subway Skaters?

Scores regularly soar into the millions range in Subway Surfers, and the game’s fans love sharing how high their score was before they were caught by the Inspector or run down by a train. Subway Surfer players use many websites to record and compare their scores; these include dedicated video game stat-tracking websites like recordsetter.com and discussion websites like Reddit.

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While it’s hard to confirm which of the millions of Subway Surfers scores is the highest globally, some high-ranking contenders have perched unchallenged on the metaphorical mountain peak for years. Of these, the highest recorded score belongs to a player named Harshal Gavali, who scored an impressive 2,147,483,647 points before their run ended.

Mayur isn’t the only Subway Surfers player to accumulate a score of over one billion points. Other top-tier Subaway Skaters, including Karim Mayur and Ruhanul I, scored 2,000,001,660 and 1,706,059,214 points, which proves that anyone can reach one billion points if they know how to skate the subway.

How to Maximize Your Subway Surfers Score?

Building a big score in Subway Surfers can be tricky, but there are plenty of ways to increase your numbers. One of the most effective is by raising your score multiplayer. As you complete missions and gain experience, your score multiplier will grow until it reaches X30, allowing you to send your score into the stratosphere by just playing the game.

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Outside of raising your score multiplayer, you can also increase your score by collecting power-ups like Coin Magnets and Super Sneakers, which allow you to collect more coins and score more points. However, your score will only increase if you learn to dodge the many tricks and traps Subway Surfers throws, so work to hone your reaction time and memorize the speed at which obstacles come at you.

- This article was updated on December 19th, 2023

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