What to Do With Golden Runes in Elden Ring: Should You Sell Them?

Sell or Horde the Golden Runes in Elden Ring? Find out with our helpful guide!

by Shaun Cichacki
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Elden Ring contains a massive list of items that you’ll be able to come across on your journey, with some of them being a bit more transparent in their use than others. One of these items that fall into the latter category is the Golden Rune, and what it exactly does. Does it grant you powers? Or what exactly do they do for you?

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Should you hold onto these precious items, or should you sell them off the first chance that you get? Follow our guide on if you should sell or horde the Golden Runes in Elden ring!

Golden Runes – Should You Sell Them?


One of the more daunting challenges in Elden Ring is just the challenge of survival. Everything in your playthrough has an opportunity to spell disaster, and when you die, all of your Runes will disappear. What this means, is you won’t be able to spend them and level up your character, make yourself stronger, live longer, until you either kill more enemies or if you’re lucky, pick them back up again.

However, the Golden Rune is a little bit different. When you die, this item won’t leave your Inventory, so you’ll be able to keep some Runes for the future, allowing you time to be able to build yourself up, even if you lost all of your regular runes.

Utilizing and using the Golden Rune is much like using any sort of Consumable item, allowing you to just go into your inventory and select the item you’d like to use and pop it open for some extra runes. This can help if you’re just fresh off of death and need to level up, or if you are just a few runes short of a new level, Golden Runes are great items to keep on your person at any point.

Selling them would grant you runes, as well, but you won’t make as many as you would by just using the item, so keep and hoard these as much as you can, as you’ll find them to be an almost invaluable tool. As there are multiple levels of Golden Runes, you’ll be able to utilize different strategies in the best way for your playstyle and build type. With the power of the Golden Rune on your side, you’ll learn the tools to survive and continue on your quest to become an Elden Lord!

Elden Ring is out now for the PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X/S, and PC.

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