When is the Point of No Return in Starfield?

Here is when you can expect the Point of No Return in Starfield so you can complete everything before starting over!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
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The Point of No Return in a game marks a spot where you can’t return to your game after completing a specific action or reaching a specific point. This usually means you can’t progress the game any further or will need to start over using New Game+. This is the case with Starfield because after you complete a specific mission, you will automatically be transported into the New Game+ without the ability to continue your game before completing the mission. Here’s the Point of No Return in Starfield so you can finish everything you want before proceeding with New Game+

*** Spoiler Warning ***

What is the Point of No Return in Starfield?

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The Point of No Return in Starfield happens after finishing the One Giant Leap main story quest. However, Starfield doesn’t warn you, unlike games like Baldur’s Gate 3, which warns you when you are about to cross a Point of No Return threshold, and there is no way to go back once crossed.

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For this reason, it is recommended that you create a manual save that you can use if you decide you don’t want to start New Game+ yet. However, if you didn’t create a manual save and want to try to go back, you can look at load your oldest autosave and hope it is from before you completed this mission.

What is New Game+ in Starfield?

Starting a New Game+ in Starfield resets your progress except for your character’s level and skills. This means that any progress you have made in missions, side quests, inventory items, relationships, starships, outposts, exploration progress, discovered Systems and Planets, crew members, and hired personnel will be lost. Essentially, you will start the game from scratch while retaining your character’s level and skill upgrades.

Author’s Note: I wrote this guide while playing Starfield on Xbox Series S.

- This article was updated on September 2nd, 2023

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