Where is the Blue Rockets HQ in LISA: The Painful?

Here's how to rescue your kidnapped ally.

by Diego Perez
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As if Lisa: The Painful wasn’t already mean enough, there is a chance for your party members to be kidnapped and held for ransom if you decide to sleep in an unsafe location. If you stop and rest at campfires whenever you see them in the game’s opening hours, you’re likely going to receive a ransom note from a gang called the Blue Rockets telling you that they’ve taken one of your friends and won’t let him go if you don’t pay up.

Kidnapping is an incredibly annoying inconvenience that forces you to backtrack through treacherous territories and part ways with some precious Mags in the process, but it’s just a part of life in the world of Olathe. Here’s how to get your friend back if they’ve been taken by the Blue Rockets.

Blue Rockets Headquarters Location

If you’re far enough into Act 1 of Lisa: The Painful, then you might have passed by the Blue Rockets headquarters unknowingly. Blue Rockets HQ is located in Aurora Town, one of the first settlements that you encounter on your journey. Their headquarters is a rundown bar with blue paint marked around the entrance. There’s even a crudely painted blue rocket above the door.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

When you enter Blue Rockets HQ, the gang will be surprised that you actually showed up. Even though they seem like amateurs, you should still pay the ransom and not try to fight them. If you do anything other than pay the ransom, they’ll kill the kidnapped party member and fight you afterward. Just pay up. It’s not worth losing someone over a few Mags.

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The Blue Rockets will kidnap the second party member in your group, which is probably still Terry at this point in the game (unless you got him killed already). He’s basically your best friend, so just pay the Mags that they’re asking for in exchange for his safe return. Even the terrific Terry the Terrorizer can’t fight his way out of this one.

Kidnapping can — and will — happen again throughout your playthrough of Lisa: The Painful, so make sure to always have some Mags on hand just in case your favorite friend gets taken in his sleep. The ransom prices tend to increase as you get further in the game, and in typical Lisa fashion, sometimes there’s nothing you can do to save your party member if they’re abducted. Such is life, sadly.

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