Where to Find a Fire Stone in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Where do you get this valuable evolution stone in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

by J.R. Waugh
The Fire Stone is essential if you want to evolve your pokemon and fill out your Pokedex.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is out now and fans are doing their very best to load up their Pokedexes with the Paldea region’s multitude of new creatures. While it’s great to see so many new additions, it’s also heartening to see returning mechanics and other Pokemon making a return, such as those dependent on the Fire Stone. A classic item since Generation I in Red and Blue, the Fire Stone can be used on certain pokemon like Eevee, Vulpix, Growlithe, and more. But fans might be wondering where they can find the Fire Stone in Scarlet and Violet.

What is the Best Way to Find a Fire Stone in Scarlet and Violet?

While you can find the Fire Stone around the map in the game, you can reliably buy them at the DELIBIRD PRESENTS locations in Scarlet & Violet after getting 3 gym badges. If you’re looking to find Fire Stone locations, be sure to check East Province Area 3 for random drops. If you’re hoping to buy the item, they cost ₽3000, a reasonable fee for such a valuable evolution stone. You can find the DELIBIRD PRESENTS in the following areas:

  • Cascarrafa
  • Mesagoza East
  • Mesagoza West
  • Levincia

Having a Fire Stone is essential for some pokemon as they otherwise can’t evolve, and this can be frustrating for players wanting to fill their Pokedex. While it’s by no means difficult to get these, it can be tricky sometimes to know where you should look. But to get iconic mons like Flareon, Arcanine, Ninetales, and Simisear, the Fire Stone is your only chance outside of trading. You can use this method for the Thunder, Water, and Leaf Stone as well, so keep this method in mind if you’re looking to catch all the pokemon Paldea has to offer, or if you’re making the perfect competitive fire-types.


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet released on November 18, 2022, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on November 19th, 2022

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