Where to Find Evil Companions in Starfield

Learn about evil companions in Starfield with this guide.

by Christian Bognar
Companions in Starfield
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Companions are a considerable part of any Bethesda RPG, as they can add to the story and help you through the game’s challenging missions. Starfield has a ton of companions to choose from, but are any of them evil? Evil companions are okay with you choosing morally wrong dialogue options and even killing innocents. This guide will go over evil companions in Starfield.

Are There Any Evil Companions in Starfield?

At the time of writing, no players have discovered any evil companions in Starfield. At least, that we know of. It seems that all companions in Starfield will get frustrated with you if you choose morally wrong dialogue options, such as bribery or choosing for an NPC to be put in jail. Out of all the companions I tried, not one was okay with causing harm to innocent people. So it’s a shame, but it looks like no evil companions are in the game now.

The closest you can get to evil companions is recruiting crew members at the Crimson Fleet. Considering the Crimson Fleet is similar to a gang, they aren’t as straight edge as your other companions in the game. Still, they won’t be happy with you if you kill innocents — so not evil. But, from my experience, they have been more lenient with bribery and other morally wrong choices.

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If you want to make morally wrong decisions and go the “evil route,” the good news is that the Adoring Fan will always love you. You can get the adoring fan by selecting the Hero Worshipped trait at the beginning of the game, and early on in your playthrough, the Adoring Fan will come speak to you. He will pretty much do anything that you tell him to. He may occasionally comment about your bad behavior, but he is a huge pushover and will forgive you.

- This article was updated on September 11th, 2023

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