Where to Find Leather in Palworld

Check out where to find Leather in Palworld.

by Franklin Bellone Borges
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Like in all survival games, Leather can be considered one of the most vital resources in Palworld, as the material is needed to craft some of the game’s most vital items for both early and late-game.

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But where can you find Leather in the game? Here’s how to get and where to farm Leather in Palworld.

How to Get and Where to Farm Leather in Palworld

You can get leather in Palworld as a drop for killing certain Pals. You can slo get the item by purchasing it from various NPCs, like the Wandering Merchant you can find at your first camp.

While starting my journey in Palworld, I was able to farm a good amount of Leather quickly by going to Grassy Behemot Hills. The area will be located northwest of the place where you will first spawn —under coordinates 172, and -471 — and will feature a good amount of low-level Foxparks and Melpacas, both of which drop the resource upon defeat.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

If you are lucky, you will even be able to spot a few low-level Eikthyrdeers there and get a beautiful mount early on. The area is also the home of a Fast Travel point. If you still don’t know how, you can check out how to fast travel in our How to Fast Travel in Palworld guide.

Which Pals Drop Leather in Palworld?

According to the game’s Wiki, including the Foxpark, the Melpaca, and the Eikthyrdeer, a total of 32 Pals can drop Leather in Palworld. You can check out all of them below, as well as what else defeating them may net you.

Pal NamePossible Drops
DirehowlLeather / Ruby / Gold Coin
EikthyrdeerLeather / Horn / Eikthyrdeer Venison
Eikthyrdeer TerraLeather / Horn / Eikthyrdeer Venison
FenglopeLeather / Horn
FoxparksLeather / Flame Organ
FoxcicleLeather / Ice Organ
FuackLeather / Pal Fluids
GaleclawLeather / Galeclaw Poultry
GoriratLather / Bone
GrizzboltLeather / Electric Organ
IncineramLeather / Horn
Incineram NoctLeather / Horn
KatressKatress Hair / Leather / High Grade Technical Manual
MammorestLeather / High Quality Pal Oil / Mammorest Meat
Mammorest CrystLeather / High Quality Pal Oil / Mammorest Meat
MelpacaWool / Leather
MossandaLeather / Tomato Seeds / Mushroom
Mossanda LuxLeather / Electric Organ / Mushroom
NoxSmall Pal Soul / Leather
PyrinLeather / Flame Organ
Pyrin NoctLeather / Flame Organ
ReindrixReindrix Venison / Leather / Horn / Ice Organ
RibbunyLeather / Beautiful Flower
RoobyLeather / Flame Organ
RushoarBone / Leather / Rushoar Pork
TombatLeather / Small Pal Soul
UnivoltLeather / Electric Organ / Horn
VerdashLeather / Bone
VixyLeather / Bone

What is Leather Used For in Palworld?

You can use Leather in Palworld to craft armor pieces, as well as all of the game’s available saddles. While the armor pieces will each offer different effects, like a higher overall defense or higher protection against cold or hot environments, the saddles will allow you to mount both large quadrupeds and flying Pals.

You can unlock new types of armor and saddles as you increase your Technology Level in Palworld. Although you will be able to get access to the armor pieces after reaching their said level, you will only be able to get access to the saddles after also capturing its set Pal. In the case of the Eikthyrdeer saddle, you will be able to unlock it after reaching Technology Level 12.

This guide was made while playing Palworld on PC.

- This article was updated on January 19th, 2024

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