Where to Find Ore in Palworld

by Davi Braid

Are you looking to find Ore in Palworld? Look no further! We are about to teach you where to find and how to use this important material.

Ore is one of the most important crafting materials in the game. You’ll be using Ore to craft a variety of items, from guns to bullets, metal structures, and even better armor. Ore is a requirement for most of the things you’ll need to improve your base, as they are all made out of ingots. Here’s how to get Ore in Palworld.

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How to Get Ore in Palworld – All Ore Locations

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You can obtain Ore by mining boulders. The best place to mine Ore when you’re starting the game is the path between the first and the second Fast Travel point.

The basic boulders give you a rock when you hit them with a big axe, but they sometimes will also yield Ore. However, if you wield your pickaxe and strike boulders adorned with bronze and white patches, you will be rewarded with Ore instead of mere rock shards.


There are plenty to be mined, and probably more than you can carry, quite near the starting area. From the first Fast Travel point, face the huge tree and look for a bronze colored boulder down the hill. Then, in case you want more, keep moving toward the tower to find a few more boulders with Ore.


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As you level up and find new areas, there will be Fast Travel points next to areas where Ore can be easily mined, making the entire process much faster.

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Now you now where to find Ore, but this won’t be enough for most of what you need to accomplish in order to have a greater base and build better gear. You need to turn that Ore into Ingot.

How to Make Ingot in Palworld

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First, you have to make sure to make a Furnace. You can unlock the Furnace by spending your Technology Points in the Technology tab once you’re at level 10. Then, gather the following items:

  • 20x Wood
  • 50x Stone
  • 3x Flame Organ

Once you have the needed crafting material to build it, place it in an area where one of your Flame-type Pals can reach it. Then, go to the furnace and place all the Ore that you have there. Select the Ingot recipe, and you’re good to go. Your Flame-type Pal is going to breathe fire into the furnace and turn the Ore into Ingot.

With enough units of Ingot, you’ll be able to make a bunch of things when combined with other materials like better Power Spheres, better weapons, better armor, guns, ammunition, metal structures, and so much more. Although you won’t need much Ore at first, this material will quickly become one that you will have to keep bringing back home constantly.

- This article was updated on January 19th, 2024

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